Nothing But Zimmerman’s Death Will Make Them Happy

By now most people now that something happened between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman in Florida and that whatever happened resulted in the death of Martin. I say we know that something happened because we don’t know all the details. The MSM has deliberately distorted what happened and has edited audio to make Zimmerman look like a racist. Yes, that is right, the MSM deliberately did this to stoke the embers and fuel racial discontent.

Even the prosecutor was involved as she did not release the evidence showing the gashes on Zimmerman’s head and the blood running from them. If she had included them then it might be pretty clear he was defending himself and that no charges should be filed.

She and the governor can claim that the charges were not the result of public pressure but they were. Let’s face it, this is not the first time this kind of thing has happened.

Anyone remember the Duke Lacrosse case?

The people who are stoking the fires are not interested in justice. They claim they are but they are only interested in an outcome that they favor and if they do not get it they will most certainly cause civil disturbance. I imagine that riots will erupt all over the place and a lot of people will get hurt.

You see, when this all took place and the fires were being stoked by the race baiters they all claimed that they wanted Zimmerman arrested. They would be happy f he were arrested and if they did not arrest this man, well no justice no peace. Then, after the investigation, Zimmerman was arrested. He was charged and he went to jail to await a bond hearing. He got bail and was released. Now people are upset about that as the Twitter world lit up with death threats aimed at Zimmerman and the judge who allowed bail.

The people involved in this have already stated that they will now not be happy until Zimmerman is convicted and executed for murder.

All hell will break loose if anything less than this happens.

The people involved in trumping up outrage at the death of Martin are hell bent on seeing Zimmerman dead and they will not rest until that happens. If he is eventually found not guilty one of these morons will murder him.

The MSM stoked the racism. The race hustlers jumped all over it and the racists in the black community (like the New Black Pansies) got all riled up over this. It is contrived and it is over the top.

Blacks murder whites at a much higher rate than whites murder blacks and black on black crime is out of control. None of the usual suspects show up to protest when some white person is the victim of a horrific murder at the hands of a black person. None of them show up when blacks murder other blacks at an alarming rate.

No, they only show up when they can manufacture outrage and fuel the phony fire of racism.

Without that, most of them no longer have any legitimacy.

Another thing. I am tired of reading and hearing that Zimmerman shot an unarmed black man. Zimmerman did not know whether or not Martin was armed when Martin was attacking him. Martin did not need to be armed to inflict injury on Zimmerman.

I also get tired of hearing that Zimmerman disobeyed the order of a 911 operator to stand down. First of all, you are not obligated to follow what a 911 operator says. Second, this one only told Zimmerman that they did not need him tofollow Martin and third, once told that Zimmerman replied OK and stopped following Martin.

The radicals in the race hustling business will not be happy until Zimmerman is dead and from the looks of things they will do everything to make that happen.

Better buckle up folks. It is going to be a bumpy ride…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “Nothing But Zimmerman’s Death Will Make Them Happy”

  1. BIGGUY says:

    If I were Mr. Zimmerman I would lawyer up, sue till the cows came home, thumb my nose at the race hustlers, and enjoy my wealth on the sea-shore far from this hell hole called the USA.

  2. SirEdward says:

    that statement is patently unfair. Who are the “them” to whom she is referring? It is wrong to make assumptions like that!I for instance will be happy with him gettinglife in prison if heis guilty. Of course there are a number of people who are angry about the killing of a black minor who was just making a trip to the store. I am angry about that too. Leave our children alone! Leave our Children alone!What would you be asking for if your daughter was killed by a black armed man, and he pointed to scratches on his face and a lump on his head she gave him and said”See i was afraid she was gonna hurt me and nt stopr until I was dead. and we struggled over my gun!” Would you say”Oh well it was SYG, or he was certainly an innocent man? You are a lying toad face if you tell me you would not all be after him!But although there is plenty of reason to be angry, I like the Martins am content to let the system address the issue, and accept the cerdict. Don’t lie on us like that! The death penalty is only for premeditated and hate crimes.

    • Big Dog says:

      It is not patently unfair. The NBPP put a bounty on his head and the racist progressives discussed killing him through social media. Look how many called for his murder when he got bail.

      The truth is the mob was whipped into a frenzy by the race hustlers who don’t care about Martin. They only care about face time on TV so they appear relevant.

      It appears that Martin attacked Zimmerman and got shot. Your analogy about my daughter ddoes not fit because she is not over 6 feet tall and not a strong young male. I know you might not know that about lil Trayvon because the picture they showed int he news was over 5 years old. He was a thug and it looks like he attacked Zimmerman. The family wants blood (or to make money) and the race hustlers want it as well.

      Here is a clue for you, if you don’t want to get shot then don’t attack someone in a state where people are allowed to carry guns.

      What would we be saying if Martin beat Zimmerman to death? Poor, poor black kid…

      And where is all the ourtage over all the white people being beaten and killed by young blacks? Oh wait, that does not fit the narrative…