Not Voting is a Vote!

I know there are many liberals out there who are not enchanted with John Kerry. They do not like him and they feel there were better choices for their party’s nomination. Now they are walking around in a haze because they do not want to vote for Bush but they can not stand Kerry. The donks break down in to two categories this year. The yellow dogs who would vote for Hussein if he were registered as a democrat and the anybody but Bush crowd. The first group will never vote Bush and the second will vote anybody but Bush. They are just sick about having to vote for Kerry.

Fear not my little donk friends. You do not have to vote for anyone if you do not want to. Not voting is a vote in and of itself. You are saying neither candidate by not voting.. Yes it is true, not voting is an expression that you are not satisfied with either person so you opt out. No one will hold it against you and you do not have to compromise your ideals by voting for someone you do not want in there. Take my word for it, don’t vote and you will feel better.

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