Not That You Would Know It

Not that you would know it from all the finger pointing after hurricane Katrina, but it turns out that man is unable to stop the ravages of Mother Nature. I know it is hard to believe. We put people on the moon, have space stations orbiting the Earth and have desktop computers that can run entire businesses but we can not stop the events that nature throws our way, even when we know it is going to happen.

For some time man has been trying to stop hurricanes and prevent earthquakes but we do not seem to be gaining any ground. Mother Nature unleashes her fury and kills more people in 10 minutes than the number of people killed in Iraq. A report shows that though we have been trying since after WW II, we just can not stop nature.

More than 176,000 people died in the earthquake and tsunami of December; an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 in the quake Saturday; perhaps 1,000 or more in Guatemalan landslides last week; more than 1,200 in Katrina. Asian beaches, mountainous Kashmir villages and American urban streets and casinos all were overwhelmed.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

After World War II, nothing seemed too far-fetched for science, not once the atom was split and, again, not once men stepped on the moon.

In one of the most enduring efforts, still alive but hardly about to happen, man thought he could seed clouds, make it rain reliably and put a stop to devastating drought.

The effort continues, especially in China; there, rockets, anti-aircraft guns and aircraft regularly pelt the sky with chemicals. The results so far: China has lots of experience, but limited success, in making the rains come.

If humans are inexorably warming the globe, they’ve proved unable to fine-tune the megaforces to their benefit. Washington Post

This report should exonerate George Bush and the rest of the Federal Government. They simply could not stop nature.

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