Not So Sweet, Another Tax

Democrats love to do three things more than anything. They love to lie, they love to tax and they love to spend. In fact, Democrats never met a tax they didn’t hike. Then they lie about the tax and spend the money taken in. Representative Rosa DeLauro DEMOCRAT of Connecticut introduced a bill to tax sugary drinks by the teaspoon. Yes, that is right, by the teaspoon. She wants to charge a one cent tax per teaspoon of sugar or high fructose corn syrup or any caloric sweetener.

Democrats love to do many other things but these three are their favorites.

That would add about 16 cents to a 20 ounce bottle of calorically sweetened soda.

As usual, the reason for the tax is to save us from ourselves. You see, DeLauro wants to discourage people from drinking sugary drinks so they can improve their health because obesity, diabetes and a number of other problems caused by over consumption of sugar cost a lot of money.

She claims the money raised will be dedicated to research for these health problems but we all know that government does not honor the idea of money being dedicated for something. They will spend it on something else and then demand we pay more to fund what they stole. Think about the Social Security Trust Fund. If they had left the money alone there would be plenty for Social Security. They spent it and now they want more from us to cover their malfeasance. A number of dedicated funds meet the same fate and it will be no different if she gets her way.

In any event, this is not her concern. It is not the concern of anyone in Congress. What we do with our bodies is our business, right? I mean that is what they tell us about a woman’s body with regard to abortion. It is her body she can do what she wants with it.

Big difference though, abortion kills an unborn child while consumption of too much sugar hurts only one person. I wonder how DeLauro feels about a pregnant woman who wants to consume sugary drinks…

So, if people want to drink sugary beverages that is their business.

What business is it of hers or anyone else’s for that matter?

Hmm, there is that thing called Obamacare. If government controls your health care it controls you and all that you do. The obese and diabetics among us are a drain on a fiscally unsound health care scheme.

So like gun control, which is not about guns but about control, this tax is designed to control behavior. If you thought you were free to do what you wanted then think again.

Maybe we should have a tax on the number of bills a member of Congress proposes and an additional tax on every word in the bill. It would have to be paid for by the member introducing the legislation and shared among cosponsors.

The money could be used to send them to classes on the Constitution, our history and the true meaning of freedom.

Better yet, it could be dedicated to removing them from office in the next election.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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