Not So Clean Reverend Al Sharpton

Looks like Al Sharpton worked as an informant for the FBI many years ago and he recorded mafia criminals and others law enforcement was interested in. One might think that this was an honorable thing for him to do. After all, he worked to get information on criminals so they could be brought to justice and that work could have ended up costing Sharpton his life. I mean, the guy is a civil rights activist and he wanted to clean up the neighborhoods in the black community so how much more honorable could his motives have been?

Well, it looks like Sharpton had motives that did not involve wanting to clean up black neighborhoods. He was not an informant because he felt some higher calling and wanted to help law enforcement.

No, Al helped out because he was caught doing some illegal things (though it might have been tough to get a conviction) and he was flipped by the FBI. The FBI told Sharpton they would not seek to prosecute him if he worked for them so he did.

His interests were purely in his own interest and he only helped out to stay out of trouble.

How would it look to the community if the Rev was indicted for criminal activity? Hell, Sharpton would not be able to extort money under the guise of civil rights if he was in jail.

The Smoking Gun has an extremely detailed story about Sharpton, his shady dealings and his conversion to FBI informant.

Al has denied most of the stuff in this story or has given a vastly different account but one cannot really believe what he says because he is a liar.

So even though some who are sympathetic to Al might want to give him the benefit of the doubt that idea needs to be resisted.

Yes, resist they MUCH…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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