Not One Moonbat Said A Word

I got an email from everyone’s favorite idiot, Howard Dean. The thing that kills me is that these emails always contain some lie or obvious misrepresentation of the truth. The really sad thing is that there are millions of people who will read this and take it as the gospel truth when in fact it could not be farther from said truth. If this party and its so called leaders will so willingly lie to people to scare up a few dollars think about the lies they will whip out if you vote them into office. Take the latest, for example:

The federal minimum wage has been stuck at the same rate since 1997. Since then, Republican leaders have raised the salaries of Senators seven times. Salaries of lawmakers have gone up by $31,600 — almost three times the entire yearly income of someone on minimum wage.

Now most people that listen to the Democrats would look at this and say why hell yeah the Republicans are in charge so they raised their salaries. Those among us with some brains in our heads can actually see through this and know it will not hold as much water as a colander. You see folks, Congress does not vote to raise their salaries. Their salaries are automatically raised unless they vote NOT to get a pay raise. Pretty nifty, isn’t it. Many years ago the Congress voted for its own pay raises and a bunch of people made a lot of noise about members of Congress getting pay raises while everyone else was dealing with cuts and inflation. They then decided to just make the pay raises happen automatically unless they voted for them NOT TO TAKE PLACE.

So the reality of the situation is that the Republicans did not raise salaries, Congress as a whole raised its own salaries by not voting them down. By not acting they in essence, gave themselves a pay raise. Additionally, I never heard a peep from one Democrat in all those years telling us that they were refusing their AUTOMATIC pay raises. If these moonbats were so concerned that their salaries were going up but the minimum wage was not all they had to do was vote for the pay raise NOT TO TAKE EFFECT.

When that idiot Howard Dean speaks pay real close attention because he is usually lying through his teeth and misrepresenting the truth. In all reality the Democrats and Republicans are equally guilty of raising their own salaries and no one from either party so much as batted an eye when it came time for the raises to take place. Raising the minimum wage is not a good economic idea. It might be OK to raise it a bit but this one to three dollar increase people are talking about would really hurt the economy and would cause a lot of people to lose their jobs. That of course, is a debate for another time. We are discussing Howard Dean and his stupidity.

I guess one of the traits you need to be a Democrat is the ability to lie with a straight face. Howard knows if he repeats things long enough, some people will begin to believe him. That is why folks with common sense need to address these things when they happen. I really would like to debate Dr. Daffy one day. I imagine I would have him calling me names before it was over.

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One Response to “Not One Moonbat Said A Word”

  1. Bosun says:

    The AP Headline from the Mercury News: Howard Dean accuses Bush, GOP of exploiting immigration issue . I had a hard time understanding Daffy Dean’s mean spirited and hateful ad hominem attacks on our president? He fail to mention that they both support a Senate bill that would expand guest-worker program. Oh, I understand. According the Daffy Dean, it is OK for ad hominem attacks on anyone and everyone because all is fair in politics??????

    He is the same guy who in December, insulted our troops and said about our efforts in Iraq that the, “idea that we’re going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong.”

    Big Dog, Daffy Dean is just the run of the mill baloney democratic politician who has been on the wrong side of history from day one. He sends out lying emails and tries to collect money to support his “BS”-ing. Great call on such a lunatic. Have a great day.