North Korea Sounds Like Our Democrats

The US tested its missile defense system and North Korea had words of condemnation. The same commies that said they were free to test their own missiles are condemning us for testing a system that would stop those very missiles. This reminds me of the liberals here who believe that what they do is OK but what the opposition does is a crime. Interestingly, North Korea told us about their plans.

North Korea Saturday called a U.S. missile defense test a threat and vowed to strengthen its defense measures in response.

If our defensive system is a threat then it must mean they were planning to shoot missiles at us. A defense system is not a threat because it is only deployed when an offensive act occurs. Therefore, in order for our system to be threatening they must have been planning to attack us.

Screw those little bastards in North Korea. They are a bunch of low life cretins who think they can play in the big game with the rest of us. They are a mosquito and they keep buzzing around making noise. We need to keep the defense system going and if they do not like it, too damn bad. There are a lot of US military members who would like to put a bullet betweenthe eyes of that little troll who runs North Korea. I am one of them.


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