North Korea Learned This From John Kerry

The North Korean government says that it has made nuclear weapons with its own technology and cash. Anyone who follows world events knows that NK can not provide basic goods for its people so it is very unlikely they could provide their own parts for a nuclear weapon. Couple this with information that other countries have sent them technology and it is not hard to conclude they are lying.

North Korea indicated that they are not dependent upon the US and that US sanctions do not hurt them:

“We manufactured nuclear weapons with our own technology, funds and raw materials from A to Z. As we are not dependent on the U.S. at all in the economic and financial fields, no U.S. sanctions would work on us,” a spokesman for North Korea’s said.

But North Korea then went on to say that the US is responsible for their country having to use cash. Here is what they indicate with regard to the issue:

North Korea, which has an anemic economy and has had trouble repaying loans, blamed the United States for forcing it to make international transactions in cash.

Economists have said decades of economic mismanagement has been the reason for North Korea ranking near the bottom in the world in terms of per capita gross domestic product.

“The U.S. has completely barred us from having normal financial transactions such as remittance of dollars to banks and settlement by credit cards,” the spokesman said.

The economist viewpoint is that NK mismanaged its money. The strange thing is NK blames the US for its woes. Did they not say that that US sanctions would “not work on us”? If that is the case, how can they then claim the US sanctions are harming them? This kind of flip-flop is worthy of John Kerry. What NK needs to do is look at its cousins to the South and see how an open market has made their lives better. In fact, there is a program that allows 500 South Koreans to work in the North.

The workers from the South are required to leave all electronic items at the border. They can not show the North Koreans how much better a free life is. The SK workers indicate that the areas in which they work are bleak and devoid of any meaningful life. Forestry has been scavenged for wood and stray goats are skin and bones. The SK guys eat better and dress better than those from the North and any attempts by the South (who own the business venture) to help their Northern cousins are stopped. They have gotten into trouble for attempting to give medicine and food and their efforts to pay workers more money has been stopped in its tracks by the government. All money made by NK workers goes to the government and workers then receive $8.00 (salary is $57).

The North Koreans are adamant that all workers receive exactly the same amount of money, exactly the same amount of food and their bonuses must be exactly the same. This mentality is why the workers from the South flourish while those in the North live in poverty.

Yes, it is easy to see how the North can provide for itself, NOT!

Source 1: My Way News

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