Nora Ephron has White Penis Envy

Nora Ephron has a piece in today’s Huffington Post where she discusses the Democratic primary and the soon to come general election in terms of how white males will influence the outcome in each of those contests. Ephron contends that the idea that white men have been powerless is a lot of bunk and always has been. She contends that the white male vote will decide the outcome of the primary and of the general elections. She also points out that white men cannot be trusted as any woman who has dated one can attest to.

I guess Nora suffers penis envy and that is why she attacks white males as a group that cannot be trusted with elections while she conveniently forgets that it was the white women who gave us Bill Clinton. Soccer moms who dreamed of giving him Lewinskys voted for this guy despite the fact that he was a scum bag. She forgets that blacks of both sexes have supported Barack Obama at a 90% rate thus denying Hillary her rightful place in the White House. No, to Ephron only white males have the clout to decide elections.

It is not unusual for liberal females to chastise white males. We have been listening to this crap for decades so this is nothing new. White males will determine the outcome in Pennsylvania because white males vote so, as she points out, it will all depend on who they decide to support. These white males will be Democrats and mostly liberal. They will either vote for Obama out of guilt or Clinton to push the feminist agenda. however, if she wants to really talk about white males who cannot be trusted she should look at the super delegates. They are ALL Democrats and they are overwhelmingly old white men.

As for the general election, many white males will vote. They will not stay home as will many of the young people who have drunk the Obama kool aid. Many of the minorities will stay home on election day because that is what they have historically done though an Obama candidacy will bring more of them out. There will be enough diversity and division by party that the demographic with the largest turn out will decide who is elected.

This does not register with Ephron who believes that white males have dominated politics for a long time (they have) and she believes that the candidate who wins will be the one who can attract more of the racist white males. She has this all figured out:

If Hillary pulls it out in Pennsylvania, and she could, and if she follows it up in Indiana, she can make a credible case that she deserves to be the candidate; these last primaries will show which of the two Democratic candidates is better at overcoming the bias of a vast chunk of the population that has never in its history had to vote for anyone but a candidate who could have been their father or their brother or their son, and who has never had to think of the president of the United States as anyone other than someone they might have been had circumstances been just slightly different.

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but the idea of a candidate who could have been a father, son, or brother also applies to white women. Yes Nora, all the guys who have been elected could have been the father, brother or son of any white woman. So that means that any one of our past presidents could have been the father, brother or son of Hillary Clinton or any white woman who votes for her.

As a matter of fact, any of our past presidents could have been the father of Barack Obama because he is half white.

The fact is, white males will vote for the candidate they want to and their vote does not indicate they are racists or sexists or anything else. They are entitled to vote for whom they wish just as are all the non white male voters out there. The 90% of the blacks who vote for Obama are no more racist than the white guys who vote. It is obvious that they are only voting for Obama because he is black but Ephron ignores this and chooses to take white males to task for their voting patterns.

Of course she is upset at the idea that white males might decide the outcome of the election but the fact is there are many demographics out there and any one of them could decide the outcome depending upon who shows up on election day.

As it stands right now, white males are a reliable voting block as are the elderly. However, as we saw with the Bill Clinton elections, any group of people that shows up en masse (in his case soccer moms) can affect the outcome of an election.

Nora Ephron needs to get over her penis envy and work harder on getting people out to vote. A 30% nationwide turnout is nothing to be proud of.

Big Dog

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