Nonsense Keeps Coming From CDC

Yesterday the director of the CDC, Dr. Thomas Frieden, made a completely nonsensical statement about Ebola. Frieden said you can’t get Ebola by sitting next to someone on the bus but if you have Ebola and use public transportation [like a BUS] you can transmit the disease to someone else.

If you have the disease and can transmit it to someone else then logically one can get the disease by sitting next to someone on the bus. Like, for instance, if you sat next to the person who has the disease and can transmit it.

This is the kind of nonsense that the CDC has been putting out. Frieden told us we had plans in place to contain the virus and then said we missed the opportunity to contain the virus.

He told us that hospitals in the US have protocols in place and are able to handle patients with the virus and then said he should have sent a team to Dallas to help with protective measures.

This guy does not seem to know what he is saying and he certainly does not instill confidence in the public. I think it is quite possible he is playing politics rather than doctor in that he is parsing words and saying anything to keep from making the Obama regime look bad instead of just telling us the facts based on his experience as a doctor.

He is an appointed director so he is playing politician rather than clinician.

Several schools in Cleveland are closed today because a school employee might have been on the plane the Ebola positive nurse flew on (but not necessarily the same flight). These kinds of knee jerk reactions will increase as people receive conflicting information from the CDC. We do not need hysteria or panic, we need facts upon which to base our daily decisions.

Unfortunately, Frieden is devoid of facts and is playing politics with the public’s health and safety.

Perhaps he should resign. Or maybe the CDC should have an actual clinician as its spokesperson. You know, pick someone who knows what he is talking about and won’t parse words or make things up to protect a political party.

The CDC is part of the government and it can’t get this right.

This is the same government that wants to run your health care…

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3 Responses to “Nonsense Keeps Coming From CDC”

  1. pa says:

    “Dr. Thomas Friedman”

    His last name is Frieden.

    I am not trying to build my credentials as a member of the spelling police. I thought you might wish to correct the spelling for the benefit of search engine results. And you may delete my comment if you wish.

    • Big Dog says:

      No need to delete comment. Thanks for pointing that out. I should have looked before I clicked on change all in the spell checker. I hate when names are involved….

  2. Blake says:

    You might think from all the miscues, mistakes, and downright moronic actions this admin has been doing that they,(the admin and all other wussy progressives) might actually be trying for an Ebola epidemic here in the U.S., thinking that it might just winnow out all the excess people- apparently they think they are immune.