Noam Chomsky Is A Liberal America Basher

The left absolutely hates it when they are called the “Hate America First Crowd.” They claim to be patriots and to love America and they even try to show that every once in a while by pretending to be concerned about national security or our military. It does not take long for them to return to their roots and hold the military responsible for every bad thing in the world. They soon forget their “concern and patriotism” and go back to blaming America for all that is wrong in the world. Terrorists bomb (insert country here), America caused it, Soldiers die, America caused it, UN involved in scandal, America is to blame. America gets blamed for everything by the left because most Americans stand up to evil and pursue an agenda that includes peace in the world but a peace obtained by meeting aggression head-on. The left has trouble with that because they usually run from a fight unless it is a fight to keep conservative judges off the bench or a fight to raise taxes, then they are all in.

Recently, Noam Chomsky, the liberals liberal (and far left kook) was out on an America bashing tour. He labeled America a terrorist state, as if he has the power to do that. He has taken it upon himself to equate us with the people who blow up women and children, who fly planes into buildings, and who blow up subways and train stations. Chomsky has decided, with all his MIT education, that we are a terrorist state because we play hardball with countries like Iran. Poor Iran, we are being mean to them. Chomsky also thinks weapons should be in the hands of Hizbollah to deter aggression (from Israel). Israel is happy to live without bothering people but countries like poor little Iran want to eradicate the Israelis. The Lebanese and Palestinians would like to do the same. It is not good enough for these terrorists that Israel is on the smallest bit of real estate in the region, they want Israel gone.

Chomsky is an idiot, regardless of how many degrees he has or where he went to school. He is an American bashing liberal weenie who needs to stay where he is because real Americans do not want him here. If he thinks we are a terrorist state then he should not come back here or, by extension, he is supporting terrorism. That loud mouth needs to spend time over there licking the boots of Hizbollah and the Iranian President. They could use a lap dog like him and when he is no longer useful to them maybe they will treat him humanely like maybe strapping a bomb vest to him or feeding him to a tiger. That is what those peaceful, misunderstood countries he admires so much do to people.

Source: Drudge

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