No Wonder Students Don’t Learn

A school teacher has filed a lawsuit because of wrongful termination. The teacher says she was targeted because of her conservative activism (outside the classroom). She was the target of the principal who happens to be the wife of state Assemblyman Frank Seddio, a Brooklyn Democrat. The teacher, Jillian Caruso, was forced to remove a picture of President Bush from her classroom. It is customary to hang a picture of the president in classrooms. In addition, this picture was hung with the pictures of other Presidents.

I think there is a bit of bias going on. With these kind of administrators in the educational system is it any wonder school children are not learning anything? Well, I guess you could say they are learning something. They are getting their indoctrination into the hate the conservative movement. By the time they are grown they will be weenie whining liberals attending class in liberal universities where they sit around and listen to tenured professors tell them how republicans are bad for America and that the liberal way of life is the only way to go.

You can read about it here.

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