No wonder Obama will not debate

Barack Obama once famously announced he would debate John McCain anytime, anywhere. We found out that was untrue 75 days ago when John McCain invited The One to participate in 10 town Hall type debates. Obama agreed to one on the Fourth of july when no one would be interested and has avoided any other mention of the subject. The recent presidential forum at Saddleback church in California hosted by rick Warren demonstrated why Obama is avoiding any more debates than he absolutely has to attend. He is not well informed, he is not well prepared and he got his head handed to him on a platter.

Obama took some risk in this type of venue because this is not the typical liberal base. Liberals believe in immoral things that fundamental Christians oppose and given Obama’s position on murdering children in the womb and after they are born it is safe to say he was entering a place where he was out of his comfort zone. Of course, any place where Obama is without prepared text and a teleprompter is out of his comfort zone.

The sainted one went first and he stumbled over questions by searching for the right answer. He could not avoid stating his positions that are well known but he searched for nuanced ways to make them a softer sell. His appearance was off balance, awkward and disastrous.

John McCain, on the other hand, gave immediate answers and was well prepared. He answered from the heart based upon decades of experience and his replies were genuine. He did not have to fumble around looking for the “right” answer because he gave sincere answers. He made Obama look like the amateur that he is.

It is obvious that the Obama camp knew right away that their messiah had done poorly. The campaign accused John McCain of not being sequestered and therefore being able to hear the questions beforehand. This is not true as McCain was in a motorcade in route to the event and then in a green room that had no feed of the broadcast. The Obama camp had to claim McCain cheated because they exclaimed that he was so well prepared. He was so at ease. He must have heard the questions because no one can answer that smoothly and confidently. Only he did.

After the Obama camp made the accusations of cheating, Andrea Mitchell of NBC carried the water for them. She said that McCain was crisp, immediate, and forceful and that Obama did not do as well as his camp had wanted and then she said; “…what they’re putting out privately is that McCain may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama.”

Leave it to Andrea to fan the flames of rumor and unsubstantiated claims in order to assist The One. A real journalist would have investigated the claims in order to ascertain the truth and then reported it. Mitchell took the short cut in order to help Obama spread doubt about McCain. As a commenter on Wizbang pointed out, this is the way to help Obama in the real debates. They will give him the questions in advance so he can rehearse answers and then if McCain accuses him of cheating they will yell sour grapes and that he was the one who cheated. It is a ploy that involves the media wing of the Democratic party.

Another indication that Obama felt he did poorly was that he attacked McCain the very next day. Obama went on the attack because he knew he had been beaten like a rented mule. He had to go on attack to take the wind out of McCain’s sails. The problem is, when Obama attacked McCain, what he said made no sense:

“McCain says ‘Here’s my plan, I’m going to drill here, drill now which is something he only came up with two months ago when he started looking at polling,” Obama said of McCain’s energy policy. My Way News

Isn’t this a bit stupid? McCain might very well have changed his mind based upon polls despite his claims that $4.00 a gallon gas convinced him. However, Obama changed his mind two weeks ago and he did so based solely on polls. Obama was opposed to drilling (and still is) and he criticized McCain for changing his mind. Then, when polls showed that more than two thirds of Americans wanted us to drill, Obama says he is open to it. If Obama is critical of McCain in this fashion, is he not critical of himself as well? McCain was first to realize this issue and address it. Obama followed much later. As with Saddleback, Obama demonstrated he is a follower, not a leader. The only leading Obama did at the event was going first.

It is obvious why Obama will not debate McCain in Town Hall type events and why he will participate only in as many debates as he absolutely has to. McCain has much more experience and looks more presidential than Obama does. Obama will give a great speech in Denver because he will be reading prepared remarks from a teleprompter. Force him to answer based upon experience and knowledge and he flounders like a fish out of water.

One can only parrot Yes We Can [Thanks AOW] and scream Hope and Change for so long before the truth is exposed. Obama would have done better to start late so people did not have as much time to see his weaknesses. He will be played out by the time the election comes.

Given that Investor’s Business Daily said Saddleback was “No Contest” Obama and his people must be fretting the post convention debates. I can smell the fear and their reaction to Saddleback only demonstrates just how afraid they are.

It won’t be long before they realize the Emperor has no clothes. I bet even Hillary and Bill Clinton are smiling today…

Big Dog

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20 Responses to “No wonder Obama will not debate”

  1. Victoria says:

    I didn’t know Obama could get any more stupid than he has but he did—–

    Whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity is, you know, above my pay grade.

    But let me speak more generally about the issue of abortion. Because this is something, obviously, the country wrestles with. One thing that I’m absolutely convinced of is that there is a moral and ethical element to this issue. And So I think that anybody who tries to deny the moral difficulties and gravity of the abortion issue is not paying attention.

  2. Reason says:

    In plain English:

    “I’m not answering that question because if I do I’m going to alienate someone. (Be it my far left Moonbat supporters or the more conservative Pro-Life swing voters whom I need to bamboozle to win this election.)

    Different folks have different positions on the issue that are usually attached to their moral & ethical values or lack thereof.”

    Basically a bunch of words that say exactly nothing. Empty suit.

  3. Great post. I posted much of it for the readers of the ARRA News Service with link backs to your post:

    Please let me know, if you manage the The Dogpound Conservatives Network.

  4. Angi says:

    “Different folks have different positions on the issue that are usually attached to their moral & ethical values or lack thereof.”

    He uses fancy words and rhetoric (much of which doesn’t really make sense if you break it down), to say what he could have said in 5 words or less. I can’t listen to him for very long, he makes me want to cut off my ears.

  5. Schatzee says:

    I know there are different positions on the issue of abortion but Obama supports “shelving” babies (this is the term I heard used – it disgusts me). That means a child that is ALREADY BORN (having survived an attempted abortion) is put aside in a crib and allowed to die. Basically they are refusing to give the child medical attention that is obviously needed. This is beyond a choice – this is murder of an innocent life. Yet Obama refused to pass legislation to provide for laws against this behavior and he advocates for laws permitting partial birth abortions and “shelving” babies. How can anyone who believe this is OK claim to have any morals at all? I wasn’t much for Obama’s position before this discovery. Now, I’m completely appalled by the man.

  6. Bunny Colvin says:


    I’m completely appalled by your lack of knowledge and willingness to distort the facts. Are you a Limbaugh listener by any chance?


  7. jcheney says:

    I heard Alan Colmes (of Hannity & Colmes) say the other night that the Saddleback venue wasn’t conducive to Obama, as if he was out of his element. That seems a bit outrageous to me since Obama claims to be a Christian. Obama should have been just as comfortable on that stage as McCain. What ended up to be the shocking part was that Obama would have even agreed to do this forum. I would assume he rehearsed potential questions with possible answers (with a Pastor asking the questions, you’ve got to know what at least some of them might be). If this was the case, what was to stop him from giving answers that he thought might please that audience? He might have gotten a bit of applause but, after hearing McCain’s, the response seemed luke-warm.

    Most McCain supporters were probably biting their nails, worrying about the possibility of Obama wooing the crowd with his usual love-speak. Even the honest Democrats who commented on the forum had to admit that McCain did better.

    Despite all of this I doubt it changed many minds. Those who are in the tank for Obama are most likely still there. The media certainly is. They even accused McCain of cheating!

    We have a couple more debates to go, but I am not expecting them to be totally fair. The Saddleback forum was a genius idea. I wish future debates could have a similar format. It is doubtful that would happen however, that of course might be too fair.

  8. Schatzee says:

    Bunny – are you referring to me? No, I do not listen to Limbaugh. I read it in a book – you remember those, right? Don’t bother me with your insolence and ignorance. You wouldn’t know the truth or a fact if they smacked your harey arse.

  9. Bunny Colvin says:


    What book? Was it “The Obama Nation” by Jerome Corsi by any chance? I’d hate to tell you but just because something is published doesn’t make it true. Here’s a FACT that I know (I read it in a book):

    John McCain is an adulterer.


  10. Big Dog says:

    At least this time when you say it is a fact it is one.

    According to you libs adultery is OK. You all ignored what Clinton did and said it was personal business. So either apply the same standards to both or shut up.

  11. Bunny Colvin says:

    Just the facts, Doggie. I wasn’t passing judgment.


  12. Schatzee says:

    I know something being published does not make it fact, hell liberals publish all the lies they can to lull unsuspecting, intellectually challenged folks to buy into their crap. The book is The Case Against Barrack Obama and it has been stated by other sources throughout the Chicago area (since that is where this injustice was perpetrated).

    Yes, an adulterer. I see, that makes him unfit for office. After all, using a cigar as a phallic substitute is fine but adultery is just plain wrong. Whatever. The facts are that BO is a socialist disaster seeking to rain down misery and disorder on my country. He is all against a voluntary army serving their country and facing death but disadvantaged and needy children, well they can just be put aside and allowed to suffer and die.

    Save it Bunny – I’m tired of your banal and sophomoric treatment of the facts. You can’t win the argument or stay on topic so you prattle on and attack people individually with your snide ebonic tirades. Don’t you have somewhere to go protest something or a tree to hug? Stop wasting our time.

  13. Bunny Colvin says:


    I never said that committing adultery makes someone unfit for office. I was just pointing out that your hero John McCain is an adulterer.

    You (r)epukes are the ones who can just put “aside and allow to suffer and die” disadvantaged and needy children. You proved it when you voted against providing healthcare for these kids. Spare me your pleas for helping needy children. Once they are born, you people couldn’t care less about them.

    Honey, I get more hugs (from humans) in a week than you have in your lifetime. My goodness radiates and draws people in, your ugliness scares them away.


  14. Big Dog says:

    NO ONE is entitled to health care. You are entitled to access to health care. Point to the section in the Constitution that says it is OK to take money from me to buy health care for others.

    We provide plenty of welfare health care to people. Medicaid, SS, and a ton of SCHIP programs. If people who are eligible would sign up there would be a lot fewer people who are not insured.

    However, I am not obligated to provide for others. It is not my responsibility. That is something you don’t understand, responsibility. Tell your poor friends to cancel their cell phones, cable TV, high speed internet, sell their fancy computers, sell their expensive cars and pay for their own.

    Or are they entitled to these items as well?

    This country did well long ago when hospitals were philanthropic endeavors and government did not try to run everything.

    Bunny, news flash. It is not my job to take care of your kids. If you have them then take care of them. If you can’t take care of them keep your penis in your pants and your legs closed.

    Any questions?

  15. Bunny Colvin says:

    Those poor children. And I thought that you and Potsy really cared. You guys suck.

    I don’t know any poor people with expensive cars. They don’t have the $ to buy them.

    I however have a Lex. Because, as I’ve told you before- I gots more cash than you, fool.

    Any questions?


  16. Big Dog says:

    I don’t care what you drive. I can buy any car I want and the one I want is the Jeep I drive.

    I care about my children. I care about my grandchild and will do what I can for them. Others can care fro their own children.

    It is not my job to pay for other people’s kids.

    How much money did you give to the government? You make so much of it (though I doubt you make more than some of us) I just want to know if you gave extra. You can donate money to the treasury and they will gladly take it to pay down the debt.

    How much extra have you given? If you are like all the other libs, you say you should pay more but you don’t even though you can.

    In our country there are very few dirt poor people. Our poor would be the wealthy or upper middle class in many other countries. Google for stats on the average American “poor” person and see how they live.

    Health Care is available to everyone. If you have to have it, pay for it like you do a car, over time. Stop smoking and drinking and pay for your own.

  17. Bunny Colvin says:

    “In our country there are very few dirt poor people.”

    Your on a roll, Dog. Your ignorance is on full display lately. You sound like Borat. Keep up the good work!

    “Stop smoking and drinking and pay for your own.”

    Again, you fool- the kids…do they all smoke and drink?

    I’ll take a Lex over your piece of sh!t Jeep any day. I used to own a Jeep. Piece of junk. And I give plenty of $$$ to the gubment.


  18. Big Dog says:

    No ignorance, just truth. The percentage of very poor people is low.

    Once again, you show your ignorance. The kids’ parents smoke and drink. It is they who are responsible for the children, not me.

    Each to his own. I like my Jeep. I could own what I want, I prefer the Jeep.

    Do you give plenty of dollars above and beyond what they force you to give or are you just a lib who wants others to pay more.

    Put up or shut up.

  19. Big Dog says:

    Bunny, you are turning back into the insulting twit that first arrived here. We don’t care what you own or don’t, how much you make or don’t and what kind of car you drive or don’t. Keep the childish “your car is a POS” (as if you would know) for your friends down at the drug corner.