No Wonder America Is In Trouble

One only needs to watch the man on the street or similar TV segments to see how woefully under educated the young people in America are. The people interviewed have no clue about our history and most can’t name political leaders or parts of the Constitution. It is embarrassing to watch these people display their absolute lack of knowledge.

I don’t know how else to write this so I will just do it. These people are stupid.

A recent poll shows that young folks age 18-34 favor Hillary Clinton as the next president and they are excited to make her the first female president. In other words, they failed to learn from their mistake regarding Obama. Just because someone will be the first at something does not mean that person will be the best at something.

Of those young people, 57% who describe themselves as Democrats favor Clinton who is favored at 38% when everyone is considered.

Clinton has more baggage than an airport terminal and is a horrible leader. She is a progressive power hungry big government hack who will continue down the same disastrous path that Obama is on.

These young people want government to get them jobs and help them out. This should come as no surprise since these people were raised to think government is the answer to all their problems. They have been brainwashed by a system that tells them government is the answer to every problem.

This is dangerous and needs to be reversed. Government is not the answer to our problems and often is the cause of them. When the young in this nation become completely dependent on government our freedom will be lost and the collapse of our society will not be far behind.

There is a move to force children to pass civics exams before they graduate. I fully support that provided the exams are based on the truth and not the revised history so often taught in the school system.

The poll that shows these folks favoring Hillary Clinton also showed that only 23% of these young people could name ONE of their Senators. That is right, 77% of the people surveyed could not name one of the US Senators from their state.

These are the people who are responsible for running things when we are all gone and they have a say in things now with their vote.

An uniformed population is more detrimental to a nation than corrupt leaders and this poll demonstrates we are in real trouble.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “No Wonder America Is In Trouble”

  1. Barbara says:

    Absolutely right. I also know that this younger generation pops out child , then Mom and Dad supports and raises it. While on welfare and many other freebies. Nature child birth now days is next to painless, so yeah , keep them coming, the real taxpayer pays for it, and a bigger welfare check. They can afford their phones,fake nails,hair done. Buys top brand name clothes, shoes, tattoos, booze and drug’s. Yeah, it scares the hell out of me to think that generation is going to be running a lot of things, Lord Help us All, a Obama society of dumbass free loaders.

  2. Eddie Duncan says:

    Yes we are in decline just like the Roman Empire. We keep electing people that do not value our American way of life that our forefathers gave us 236 years ago. If we put a person like H. Clinton in the White House, are country will continue to fall further into anarchy and decline and the end of American life as we know will be over. We as a people need to take back our country from the current government and the president and restore our national pride before its to late!!

  3. Eddie Duncan says:

    The enemy of the American people, is sitting in the White House and everyone that believes in his thinking or policies are also helping him destroy our way of life in the USA. We are not a Socialist run country and have lived free with thought and freedom of speech that our country was founded on. Anybody that try’s to change this is a enemy of the American people. All elected individuals swear on the bible to protect, defend, the people from our enemy’s and failing to do so is a breach of trust and should be remove from office.