No To O’Malley for President…

Martin O’Malley, the Governor of Maryland, is thinking about running for the presidency in 2016. He has lived nearly his entire adult life in a political office and he does not want to get a real job so he is looking to move on up to another taxpayer funded position.

He wants to do for the nation what he has done for the People’s Republik of Maryland. The nation does not need that.

O’Malley has fudged crime statistics by changing how they are reported, he has infringed on our Second Amendment rights by imposing gun control laws that violate the right of the people to keep and bear arms (though he has armed guards around him all the time) and he has raised a number of taxes. In fact, O’Malley has never met a tax he didn’t hike.

The guy is worthless. When he talks he is lying and he should NEVER be considered for the presidency.

O’Malley likes to talk the same smack all the progressive morons talk. You know, about working together and pushing things for the poor. O’Malley does not work with the Republican minority in Maryland. He gets his Democrat sock puppets to push things he wants through and he uses his political appointments to help push his agenda.

He flip flops on any issue depending on political value.

He is an evil man who only does harm to the people. He is a typical progressive who thinks he must be involved in regulating every aspect of the people’s lives and that we are too stupid to live without his intervention.

He is a big supporter of open borders and giving illegals the hard earned tax dollars paid in by working AMERICANS. He is so hooked on helping illegals that he calls them New Americans. He supports their law breaking. The story that he opposed the illegals coming to Maryland is untrue. He did not want them going to a conservative part of the state because he was worried about their safety (Conservatives would not have treated them badly but would have worked to send them back).

Martin O’Malley is not a leader, he is not a problem solver and he is not a patriot. He is a statist who thinks big government funded through lots of taxes is the appropriate way to run a state and by extension a country. He does not follow the Constitution of the state or the nation. He is a progressive puke who thinks he knows better how you should live your life.

He is bad for America. Disregard him, ignore him and for all that is sacred…


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “No To O’Malley for President…”

  1. Barbara Orla says:

    Absolutely don’t vote for O’Malley. As far as I’m concerned he has really screwed state senior retirees demanding that we have to do this Wellness Program with our health insurance and our doctor has to sign everything and turn it in. What about those of us who are handicapped and have COPD and can’t do exercise, what then? Well, if we don’t do it, then $50 will be deducted from our income and seniors are on social security. What right do they have to touch our money? Maybe it’s going to have to take some lawsuits. I am fed up with him. Our income is eaten up with taxes as it is.