No Surprises Here

A lot will be written by the left in the next few days about the results of yesterday’s elections. The Democrats won the two open governorships in New Jersey and Virginia and all the ballot proposals in California were defeated. Some will say that this is a referendum on the Bush Administration and this shows voter discontent. The fact however, is that except for one election cycle (going back to FDR) voters have done this very thing especially during a President’s second term. A local pundit calls it party fatigue. The Democrats can take some false hope out of the elections but they should be cautious. The voters are fatigued by both parties.

To me, there were no surprises. New Jersey is heavily Democratic and the Democrat was expected to win. In Virginia, which is a GOP leaning state, the voters have elected a Democrat as governor more often than not in the last 4 or 5 election cycles. The voters showed their distrust of both parties by putting a Democrat in the Governor’s seat and a Republican in the Lt. Governor’s seat. The Attorney General elected last night is a Republican and I believe that the Republicans control the State. The voters elected a man whose only real tool is the veto. In California the liberals outnumber the conservatives and the measures went down to defeat pretty much along those lines. If you look at the map of California you can see that liberal populations voted against and conservative populations voter for.

Still, the sites like Daily Kos and others will jump for joy at the results. They will be clinging to these unsurprising results as if they were a referendum. The voters have spoken and this is the trend. If this is the tact they take then they must abandon the idea of allowing gay marriage as the law of the land. Texas rejected gay marriage yesterday, becoming the 19th state to do so. If we are to believe that the voters have set a trend then the left needs to abandon the idea of making gay marriage the law of the land. Texas defeated it, the voters have spoken.

There will be those who claim that Texas does not speak for the rest of the nation and that is a point well taken. In fact, neither do New Jersey or Virginia or for that matter, California. But libs, we either have a tempo set by the voters or we don’t. You can not have it both ways. So if you claim that yesterday’s elections were a referendum then that means all of the elections were a referendum. If one is not considered such then they all can not be.

A lot can happen between now and next year when we have the mid term elections. Yesterday was not a bellwether by any means but it does show that voters have had enough of the games from both parties and they want leaders who will lead.

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