No Surprise Here; Castro Succeeds Brother

Raul Castro has been selected to lead Cuba a week after his brother Fidel resigned. This comes as no surprise as Raul has been running the country during Fidel’s illness.

It is possible that Fidel Castro has been dead for some time and the resignation letter was not written by him. This would keep Cuba from suffering riots and civil upheaval. I think that if he is dead it will not be long (now that Raul is in) before they announce he is dead, stuff his body and put him on display.

Fidel Castro led the Cuba for nearly 50 years and is the longest ruling Communist dictator. Ironically, his socialized health care system, the one touted by Michael Moore, is what killed him. The surgeons botched his surgery and they had to call in doctors from other countries to clean up the mess. It appears as if the mess was too much for old Fidel to handle.

This is what Hillary and Obama want to give us.

I don’t know if Fidel is dead but I certainly hope he is and if not, that he dies soon. The world will be a better place when he is gone and Cuba will be a better country if they can get rid of his brother Raul.

Big Dog

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