Not So Stern Warning

Howard Stern, the self proclaimed King of all Media made a living of thumbing his nose at authority. Stern had many run ins with the Federal Communications Commission because he was generally vulgar and had sexually explicit content on his radio show. Stern made a career out of telling people to be disobedient and his antics were often against the norm for society.

Now, some of those devoted fans are not paying for the satellite broadcasts of his show. They are saving the $13 by listening to illegal copies on the Internet. The big boys paying Stern’s salary are not happy about that because they are losing money and considering what they paid Stern, they need all they can get. Howard was tepid in his response because he did not wish to alienate the people who will finance his risky venture.

There was no Stern warning and how could there be? His fans are only doing something Howard himself would advocate if he were still on the open airwaves and Limbaugh were on the pay stations.

Source: Drudge

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One Response to “Not So Stern Warning”

  1. Laurie says:

    This is funny. I think you are absolutely right.