No Slack For Trackback Open Trackback Party

Looks like NZ Bear at TTLB has decided that he will filter out trackbacks so that the links will not count as part of the ecosystem statistics. Personally, I don’t get enough hits to worry about and the trackbacks just give me spikes in an otherwise dismal number of hits and in all reality, I like the trackbacks for the number of bloggers it brings together.

I have met some really nice folks by following the trackbacks. I am involved in the Kerry 180 Tuesday and the Free Jack Idema Wednesday and I get to participate in a few other things that go on so screw the number of hits and the ranking in the TTLB ecosystem. The Big Dog is a Supreme Being in any body’s ecosphere so the hits are inconsequential.

I do agree with Third World County who asks:

wonder how N.Z. Bear would rank in his own ecosystem if everyone took the TTLB script and links off their pages? heh Who really links his posts, anyway?

This is so true. Sites like TTLB get big because they use other people’s hard work. We all write the posts. We all spend the time reading each other’s stuff. We all take the time to put in the links to our posts. Does anyone actually think that NZ or Reynolds or any of the big ones read much of what we write? They are busy consolidating news stories from the MSM and sucking up links to increase revenue. I don’t know about the rest of you folks but I have a good paying job. This thing is fun for me and if it ever becomes anything different I will pull the plug.

So screw TTLB and the rest of them. We have our own little community of TB bloggers and we can continue to have our parties, they just decided to uninvite themselves.

If you want to increase your hits then take a list of everyone you TB with and visit on a regular basis and recommend their sites to your friends. We can promote ourselves and we don’t really need them.

And since this is about trackbacks, let’s make this one an open trackback.

You know the drill.

My trackback friends:
Stop the ACLU | third world county | area fifty-one | Iowa Voice | Alabama Improper

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4 Responses to “No Slack For Trackback Open Trackback Party”

  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m a blogrollin’ ya. Great site. I may have gotten a little snippy back atchya in my comments but you’re a big dog, you can take it. ;-)

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