No Secret Who The Brits Want As US President

It is no secret who the politicians in the UK want to be the next American President. Despite their claim of having no preference or remaining neutral their actions and their statements about the race speak much louder than words. Gordon Brown recently gave an endorsement of Barack Obama but then nuanced his words so as to appear neutral. Recent polls show that many of the major countries around the world (including all the Muslim ones) want Obama to win. Now Communities Secretary Hazel Blears of the UK has chimed in and called Sarah Palin Horrendous. This is so because Palin appeals to people who are disillusioned with “regular politics.”

By regular politics I assume she means the politics where elected officials line their pockets with money from investment companies and other Wall Street entities, ignore the criminal activity occurring, get their friends jobs in those companies so they get rich and then stand around pointing fingers at each other while whole system collapses and is paid for by taxpayers.

Or maybe Blears means politics where those elected in the UK to uphold English law succumb to demands of an ever growing Muslim population and allow Sharia Law (a religious law) to be practiced in the country. Maybe she means standing by and watching as your country rapidly dissolves into an Islamic state while those who oppose Islam or support the US are bombed.

In any event, it is not for Blears, or the rest of the world, to decide. This decision belongs to Americans and Americans alone and it does not matter what the rest of the world thinks about who we elect. Blears, Brown and the rest of these people should concern themselves with the rapid decline of their countries and let us worry about our elections.

I think the world can see by now what being soft on the radical Islamic terrorists does and Pakistan’s inability to control it has played out this weekend as the death toll keeps rising in the hotel bombing. Maybe the rest of the world wants a President Obama begging negotiating with the thugs who cause these problems but I prefer someone who will do more than just scream racism when confronted with adversity.

Pretty soon when Blears, Brown, and every other person in the UK is kneeling to Mecca five times a day they can beg President McCain and Vice President Palin for help. If we don’t view the people asking as horrendous, we might actually help.

Given the horrendous invasion of privacy in the UK, the horrendous dental care, the horrendous medical care, the horrendous cost of everything and the horrendous appeasement of terrorists, I would think Blears would concern herself with those issues and not a person who lives up to our Founder’s wishes.

A citizen who is like the rest of us and serves the people. If we could just replace ALL the current politicians with “regular” Americans, this country would run a lot better.

Breitbart (This source incorrectly and irresponsibly states that Palin said US Soldiers were sent on a task from God)

Big Dog

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