No One Is Ever Responsible In Obama’s World

Recently, Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm) said that the wealthy are not responsible for their own success. His assertion is that, you know, government was involved in some way or the other. Or perhaps, someone working for the wealthy guy helped out. It was not the hard work of the wealthy guy, no that could not possibly be.

While it is certainly true that some folks who have done well have done so because of help, government or otherwise, it is equally true that some who have been unsuccessful have been so because of government or others. But the reality is that most people who are successful are so because they worked hard and invested time and treasure in their business.

In other words, they are responsible for their own success.

I would not expect Obama to understand this because he has never been responsible for anything. He only knows how to take responsibility for the work of other people so to him others could never possibly succeed on their own. Obama has never run a business and has never had to make payroll. It is probably a good thing since his method of running things would bankrupt a business in no time flat.

Let’s look at a few things so we can see how Obama sees things.

Obama is not responsible for the bad economy. That, according to Obama, is Bush’s fault. Ronald Reagan did not spend his first term blaming Jimmy Carter.

Obama has never served in the military but if you listen to him, he was the one who killed Osama bin Laden.

According to Obama, no one makes it through life or succeeds without the government being involved (look at his Life of Julia cartoon). According to Obama, this woman is unable to conduct any phase of her life without the government being involved. In other words, she is not responsible for herself.

This should come as no surprise since liberals NEVER take responsibility. They are all victims of one thing or another. It is not their fault. They are not responsible…

Obama is no different.

Let us assume though, that Obama is correct when he claims the wealthy are not responsible for their own success. Stick with me a minute.

If they are not responsible for their success then they can’t be responsible for their failures (though Obama lives his life that way it is logically inconsistent). If this is the case then Mitt Romney cannot be responsible for his success at Bain Capital.

If he is not, then he cannot be responsible for any failures at Bain. This means that Mitt is not responsible for the outsourcing of jobs. He can’t be because government is the reason for success and by extension, failure (if one were to believe outsourcing is failure).

Obama is a Socialist who believes in the collective. If he were to be in the Star Trek universe he would be (and would encourage others to be) part of the Borg Collective.

It is in his blood. His mom and dad were Communists and those kinds of people formed his life.

Perhaps he loves the collective so much and wants everyone dependent on government because he was a pass around kid. Mom and dad abandoned him and his grandparents (those typical white folks) were left to mop up the mess. He was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis (his real father?) and the rest of the Commies so he believes in the collective.

You know, he was a victim.

To Obama people cannot be successful on their own and they require the gubmint to help them out.

Really? How would he explain how our Founders established this country?

They did it in opposition to government and they were quite successful.

It is up to us to ensure that success remains by getting rid of Obama in November.

Because Obama is right about help in that respect. It will take all of us to be responsible for his defeat…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “No One Is Ever Responsible In Obama’s World”

  1. Schatzee says:

    That whole BS line of talk just rumples my panties but the man acts like the government actually accomplishes these things for us instead of through us. The government accomplishes nothing without our hard-earned money. We pay for those roads (sometimes more than once – thank you MD) and those teachers (much more than they’re worth and for far longer than they deserve) and for him and his lameass speeches and denigrating attitude. He has never created a thing in his life other than books about himself and flash mobs of people wanting some pie. How can he even attempt to speak intelligently about something he knows nothing about?

    As an aside, if THEY weren’t spending OUR money paying politicians ridiculous salaries (and benefits), secret service to protect every single person they can possibly think of (except the American people of course), and lazy worthless non-productive people (citizens and non alike) perhaps we wouldn’t be so far in the red on the balance sheets and he wouldn’t have to try to bring everyone down to draw their attention away from the freaking mess his non-business minded, country destroying regime has created.

    He acts like a poor little boy whose daddy didn’t love him and now he wants to make the world pay. Oh wait a minute….

  2. Blake says:

    The fact that Obammy and his minions do not acknowledge is the fact that, yes the roads and bridges were built, and entrepreneurs have used these conveyances, but wait— oh SNAP! The workers who built these things WERE PAID TO DO SO! Are they then entitled to a share of whatever travels on these roads? That would be like me going to people who I built a house for, and claiming that they now owed me money, because they enjoyed living in that house…. what ridiculous pap.
    Anyone who believes this verbal fecal matter that Obammy spews should be shot on the sound logical grounds that a piece of copper jacketed lead rattling around in his head would actually improve his intelligence.

  3. Blake says:

    And what about toll roads? Are the workers now supposed to be paid a stipend for building them? Or are they finished with that project and need to move on?