No One Ever Said Terrorists Were Responsible People…

…And most of us don’t even think they are people, but rather animals who need to be taken out and shot.

Hamas fired rockets into Israel striking a house and injuring two people. Were they attacked or threatened you ask? No, which is usually the case anyway. No the reason they fired the rockets was to mark a day of reflection and to refocus attention away from their internal strife:

The armed wing of the ruling Hamas movement said it had fired several rockets at Sderot to mark the “Nakba,” an annual day of national reflection over shared suffering in the conflict with Israel.

Hamas’s armed wing said the rocket attack was also designed to shift the focus to Israel after days of deadly factional fighting in Gaza between Hamas and President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction. al-Reuters

The animals in the religion of peace fired rockets into Israel for no good reason and they injured people in the process. I guess it is OK to attack people to mark certain milestones and remembrances so I have an idea. How about if the Jews launch rockets into Palestine and Lebanon to commemorate Passover, and all the other Jewish days of celebration or reflection? Why don’t we get in on the act and launch a few cruise missiles into Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine to celebrate the 4th of July?

Now that would be a fireworks display worth watching! Damned animals.

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4 Responses to “No One Ever Said Terrorists Were Responsible People…”

  1. Robert says:

    I like that idea, except lets make the celebrate with a few ICBM’s in all of the above country’s and add Saudi Arabia to the list….

  2. Videos of Sderot…

    One Jerusalem’s got some videos they filmed of what things are like in Sderot with kassam rocket attacks, which have placed many schoolchildren in danger….

  3. DrWright says:

    4th of July should be a good show in Iran.