No Need For Independent Investigation

A flotilla of ships containing humanitarian aid ignored an Israeli naval blockade that has been in place since 2007. The Israelis boarded the ships and their military members were attacked by people on the ships. The soldiers were using non lethal force but asked for and received permission to use deadly force. Nine people were killed in the confrontation. Many countries around the world have condemned Israel and called what they have done a crime. Barack Obama said the incident was a tragedy and should be fully investigated by an independent source.

The Israelis have investigated what happened and have stated that they were right in what they did and the lethal force was justified. This should be sufficient for Mr. Obama and he should rescind his call for an independent investigation. The Israeli military looked into its actions and that should be good enough.

After all, that was sufficient for Obama with regard to the possible bribe offered to Joe Sestak. The White House investigated what happened and said nothing improper happened.

End of story.

Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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24 Responses to “No Need For Independent Investigation”

  1. Adam says:

    I agree. More people clearly died because of the political bargaining in the Sestak primary than the confrontation in Israel so I don’t see why Obama has to act like such a hypocrite on the subject.

  2. FairWitness says:

    Adam, do you ever comprehend anything correctly?

    The topic is a government entity investigating itself, not how many terrorist activists lost their lives attempting to break Israel’s lawful blockade of Gaza.

    Obama wants to declare his Administration innocent of any malfeasance by their say-so in the Sestak bribe attempt, obstruction of justice and conspiracy. Yet Israel immediately released all the evidence in this terrible ordeal; video tape and intelligence information of the terrorist sympathizers & Palestinian activists aboard the flotilla and Obama wants an independent investigation.

    Hypocrites — every damn one of you!

    • Adam says:

      “Adam, do you ever comprehend anything correctly?”

      A better question would be do you, FairWitness, ever engage in critical thinking?

      “The topic is a government entity investigating itself, not how many terrorist activists lost their lives…”

      Sorry. I just find the comparison laughable and without merit. Where I come from we consider the cause of 6 deaths an event far more significant and worthy of investigation than the legality of political horse trading in US politics.

      Because the two events share no significant similarities there can be no hypocrisy in calling for an independent investigation for one and not the other. I’m sorry you have trouble grasping that.

      • Adam says:

        To correct my statement: it is 10 dead, 70 wounded.

        • That’s what you get when you try to run a blockade patrolled by warships and armed men. If the concept is unfamiliar to you, I recommend the purchase of a more recent dictionary.

          What’s that? You don’t like the blockade itself? Too BLEEP!ing bad, Bubba. Just now, Israel recognizes no legitimate ports of entry in Gaza — and Israel has as much right to defend its territorial sovereignty as whatever country YOU happen to live in.

        • Big Dog says:

          Should have been many more. You should be thanking Israel for showing restraint.

        • Blake says:

          Not enough dead- the Israelis’ problem would be with the paint guns they brought- they should have brought (and used) real weapons.
          The Israelis have the right to blockade the Gaza, for their own protection. There should have been no need to “investigate” this, except so as to do it right the next time an illicit ship comes in- this was an excuse for the “activists” to kill and maim Jews- that is all- the rest of the flotilla obeyed the Israeli commands- it was just this one ship, and the next time, if I were the commander of the Israeli ship, I would just sink it, then pick up any survivors. Much cleaner, and less hazardous.
          You can bet the Israelis will have a different set of orders next time.

      • Big Dog says:

        Where I come from there is no need to investigate the killing of people who attack the military. When you attack people with guns they will shoot you. These activists were planning for an attack, they knew they were provoking an attack, and that is why they did it. Eff them, they deserved to die for attacking the soldiers. Let this be a lesson to you little libbie, you screw with people who have guns and you will get shot.

        And these morons are going to try again. How many times does it need to happen before they realize Israel is serious?

        And Adam, it does not matter if it were none or 100,000 a crime is a crime and either no entity should investigate itself or all should. There are no degrees to this.

        This is the problem with libs, they see all the shades gray when their asses are involved. How many people on the left went nuts over Plame? If Bush had investigated this on his own and said there were no problems the left, including Adam, would be going nuts. Adam acted like a fool for 8 years and now that he has overdosed on Kool Aid he wants us to believe he sees things straight.

        Remember, libs can do no wrong because their intentions are always good.

        I call BS.

        • Adam says:

          “And Adam, it does not matter if it were none or 100,000 a crime is a crime and either no entity should investigate itself or all should.”

          That is a silly try to justify your accusations of hypocrisy. At the root here is your wish to tear down Obama so much that you’ll compare political horse trading to an armed altercation in which people died. The truth is these two things are not equal. Calling for an independent investigation into one and not the other is in no way hypocrisy.

          “Where I come from there is no need to investigate the killing of people who attack the military.”

          Yes, much like your feelings about Kent State, right?

          • Big Dog says:

            Yes, the military at Kent State were outnumbered and the people were out of order. If the hippies had not been burning buildings on campuses and causing riots there would have been no need for armed members of the military.

            As for the ships, we now have many of the “peace” activists claiming they want to be suicide bombers and they shot at members of the Israeli military. The military had non lethal means and were attacked so they used lethal means. If you attack an armed person you will get hurt or killed.

            A crime is a crime. There is no need to justify one or the other, a crime is a crime. If you rob a bank and shoot someone you committed a crime just as if you robbed the bank and did not shoot anyone. We would not investigate them differently.

      • In on it not says:

        Ha ha ha! A fair question would be; if the Israel ships were manned by Curly Haired Pirates from Eastern African slums and the ships they boarded were international freighters and oil tankers, would Adam, IE the liberal idiots of the world, condemn the Israeli operation?
        Off Ethiopia there is real piracy.
        What is happening in The Mediterranean is one fully internationally recognized country, namely Israel, trying to defend itself from an overwhelming mass of sand [Redacted] with no country who want what Israel has built, aided and abetted by the equally evil mass media.
        And of course, idiots in===== blue hats.

  3. Bunny Colvin says:

    Dog- were the Chinese gubments actions justified in Tiananmen Square? Those folks were “out of order”, so why not just gun down 3000 of them, right?

    Your explination of Kent State is ridiculous. The people responsible for setting the ROTC building ablaze were never brought to justice. Instead, the Guard gunned down four protesters and you’re good with it. Do you have information proving that the four casualties were the arsonists?


    • Big Dog says:

      No but I know the people were unruly and the guardsmen outnumbered. If the college kids were not threatening then the shootings might not have occurred.

      As for the 40% GDP. I was mistaken, as Darrel pointed out, it is 40% of provincial budgets (quite a bit of money). My mistake. And yes, I know what GDP is. I am not uneducated though you like to assume that.

      As for the Canada system, it is so wonderful that it is in financial trouble. The US will be there with its system. When the time comes that we are in this position we should declare open season on all the people who wanted it and those who supported it. And put an end to the problem.

      As for China, the students were not beating military members with poles. Let me be clear for you Bunny since you obviously have no clue, if you ATTACK the military, you will get hurt.

      The people on the ships tried to circumvent Israel and deliver goods. There is no telling what was on the ships. Israel has a right to stop them and keep them from entering. The people on the ships refused to stop and attacked the military when boarded. They were dispatched by the military. End of story.

      Next time they should sink the ship, no more problem. Israel is not the bad guy here, the terrorists and the “peace” flotilla folks are. They are provoking Israel. You eff with a tiger and you get bitten…

    • Big Dog says:

      Oh, but weren’t the Gaza-bound ships on a mission of humanitarian relief? No. Otherwise they would have accepted Israel’s offer to bring their supplies to an Israeli port, be inspected for military materiel and have the rest trucked by Israel into Gaza — as every week 10,000 tons of food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies are sent by Israel to Gaza.

      Why was the offer refused? Because, as organizer Greta Berlin admitted, the flotilla was not about humanitarian relief but about breaking the blockade, i.e., ending Israel’s inspection regime, which would mean unlimited shipping into Gaza and thus the unlimited arming of Hamas.


  4. Bunny Colvin says:

    Oh good, Porretto and friends are back. How’s the colonel, Frannie? Have you told him how “childish” his moniker is lately?

    I love how Dog moderates my comments but not In On It Not’s. He’s so sensitive about the term TEA [Rekers], yet doesn’t mind when the N word is thrown around. What a fraud.

    Hey Not gettin It In- what is a “sex-fag in the sperm bank”?


    • Big Dog says:

      Bunny, quit whining like a little bi*ch. You will notice that I redacted the offensive word. As you will recall, I redacted your work for OVER A YEAR before you got moderated which smacks in the face of your comment that I don’t mind the N word thrown around. You do not learn and then whine when you suffer the consequences.

      If I have further problems from others, say a year or so worth, then I can moderate.

      I know you libs like different rules and like to whine when you pay the price but you were given plenty of rope and hung yourself.

      So perhaps Bunny, you could see how foolish you look when you make those kind of statements.

      • Bunny Colvin says:

        Yeah, because the term TEA [Mark Kirk] is just as offensive as the N word. You are clueless. What a joke.


        • Big Dog says:

          Yeah clueless. I will concern myself with how bad the N word is when you can get black folks to stop using it. When I don’t hear it in their music and all that. If it is bad then it is bad.

          I gave you over a year and you expect someone else to be treated differently? Typical liberal.

          I don’t like TEA [Bunny] and I told you that a number of times. You did not listen. Follow rules and things go better.

  5. Bunny Colvin says:

    How the hell am I supposed to get black people (I’m assuming you mean all of those that use the term) to stop using it? And I didn’t know you listened to “their music”. Do you also eat “their food”? Or watch “their movies”? How mighty white of you, Doggie! What would you say is “our music”? The music of the white man.

    You expose your bigotry every time you comment on race. It’s really fun to watch. Like a sex-fag in the sperm bank, you just can’t help yourself.


    • Big Dog says:

      Bunny, if black people use it in music then it is their music. You, like the other morons of the left, take everything to be racist. It is not. Rap music is considered black music and i have heard rappers refer to it as “OUR” music.

      I listen to a lot of music and I eat all kinds of food. Would it be racist if I said Gaelic music was the Irish music or bagpipe music was the Scot’s music?

      How about if I called Chinese food their food?

  6. Bunny Colvin says:

    Oh, I see. If someone says something is “ours”, then this means that the something is his/hers alone. So, some black guy said rap music is “our” music and this means that no rap music can be property of a white man. Makes sense. To an idiot. You don’t even let me call people “my b!tch” on this site anymore. But, by your definition, just my saying so proves that these folks are indeed my b!tches.

    It would not be racist for you to call Gaelic music Irish music or bagpipes Scot’s music. It would however be racist if you said that Toby Keith, Lee Greenwood or any other white trash crooner was “our music”. It would be an insult to white people with taste, like myself.


    • Big Dog says:

      Maybe because you own no one here and no one is your b*tch.

      White trash, and I am the racist…

      • Bunny Colvin says:

        Scottie is certainly my b!tch after I proved him wrong about the oil rigs being visable off the coast of southern California. But then he went away (like a b!tch) and doesn’t post anymore.

        You are a racist. And, I’d be willing to wager, white trash.


        • Big Dog says:

          Careful Skippy.

          You went away for a while (and could have stayed away), what does that make you.

          I am not a racist and you would lose your wager. You know nothing except how to throw insults and make assumptions. You are a typical liberal moron.