No Muslim Should Ever Be President

Mohammad Pig

I Finally Agree with McCain — Almost.

John McCain was interviewed by the website Beliefnet and in that interview he said that America was founded on Christian principles and that he did not want to see a Muslim in the White House and that Christians should be elected to office, though he said a Mormon would be OK. I believe that those country was founded on Christian principles but I think people some other faiths would make good Presidents. Jews could certainly hold that office without a problem and a Mormon would not bother me. I do agree that a Muslim should never hold that office and neither should a Satanic Worshiper (or Satan aka Hillary).

Some of the Muslims apologists, namely CAIR, complained about McCain’s statement and he had to clarify it by saying that a Muslim would be OK if it was the right person. This is the kind of back peddling that politicians do that infuriate me. State you belief and be done with it. Changing positions makes you look like a Clinton (who have no beliefs except the belief that they belong in power).

Now, I am not suggesting that any Christian would be a good candidate because McCain would not. He abandoned our POWs in Vietnam, he backs amnesty for the ILLEGALS and he called me and people like me racists for not agreeing with the amnesty bill. He is not fit to run this country and neither is Kennedy, Pelosi, or Murtha, all whom I believe profess to be Christians or members of a Christian religion.

Let me make this clear so that idiots like Ibrahim Hooper and the rest of the terrorists at CAIR and other Muslim apology groups can understand it. Do not demand that I clarify my statements because they are clear and to the point.

No Muslim should ever be the president of the United States. Muslims are intolerant and are forcing their way of life into our country with no regard for the beliefs and feeling of others. Muslims complain when we eat at our desks, when we serve pork products in school or work cafeterias, they complain because they do not have a place to wash their feet, they complain about Christmas and Halloween not being inclusive and concern about their feelings is causing at least one school system to stop acknowledging those days but there is no mention of ignoring Ramadan. Let that happen and we are a bunch of bigots. I would also note that Muslims are not tolerant of Jews and one idiot Muslim wants to eliminate them from the Earth.

Mohammad Bomb

Muslims have primitive beliefs imposed by a child molester named Mohammad who waged war on neighbors and killed those who would not submit and convert to the religion of maniac killers known as Islam. Mohammad is a false prophet who pretended to speak with Allah in order to do what he wanted without punishment. Allah’s will and all that. The truth is, Mohammad was a degenerate who killed for fun and had sex with a nine year old girl. He has spawned a religion of people who beat women to death for failing to cover up or for being the victims of rape. Islam is a religion of bigots who murder homosexuals and oppress women. They strap bombs to their kids and have them kill themselves in the name of Allah or Mohammad (pig be under him). They have also expressed a desire to replace our Constitution with Sharia Law (a law of morons).

Let me restate in case Hooper or any other idiot did not get it.


We will never allow our people to come under the rule of Muslims or Sharia Law. There are a few dhimmis in this country but the real patriots will not let the Muslims take over. They are one of the enemies within.

The other enemy is the Democratic Party.

Big Dog

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43 Responses to “No Muslim Should Ever Be President”

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  6. irtexas44 says:


    What can possibly make these eternal murders think that we would let them install their obscene laws here? They are trying the same thing in Australia and England. The only thing I want from them is for all of them to drop dead where they stand. Then we can work on the rest of the lib nuts.

    These low life disgusting things don’t deserve to breath air.

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  9. AlexD says:

    “He abandoned our POWs in Vietnam”

    ???? Can you elaborate on that?

  10. Big Dog says:

    Read the book An Enormous Crime. He is not the only one. There are many from both parties who turned their backs…

  11. CAIR must be foaming at the mouth over McCain’s statement.

    McCain is right, of course. Islam contains too many tenets which are the antithesis of the ideals of freedom.

    Great post, BD!

  12. The Knucklehead of the Day award…

    Today’s winner is Maggie Nicole Williams….

  13. AlexD says:

    Big Dog,

    You mean this one?

    You understand that it is a conspiracy theory, right?

  14. Big Dog says:

    Yes, that book and as far as conspiracy theory, there is a lot of documented evidence and it is true that Kerry and McCain headed the panel.

    According to the book Reagan wanted the troops out but his advisers and VP (yes Bush) convinced him this was all bull. There is overwhelming evidence and there has been.

    I would think more of the folks involved would speak out rather than dredge up a quote from the book of a dead president. Did Reagan say that or was his view slanted by the others.

    I just know that there are way too many reports in this book that came from the government to have been ignored. And yet they were.

    Why did McCain not comments, as a POW himself?

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  16. The King of Chess…

    Vishwanathan Anand wins the world chess championship….

  17. No GPS for Muzlims eh…

    Sorry, there are those of us concerned with combatting the advance of anti-democratic Sha-riah in our countries mmmkay?


  18. Patsy says:

    I have not read this book, however, I find it very hard to believe our military would cover-up POW’s still alive and held in Vietnam. Why would they do that? Why wouldn’t someone in the upper echelon of the military go get them? We’re the United States of America, who’s going to stop us? I mean really, who’s powerful enough to keep us from going in and recovering our prisoners if they truly are still alive and there? Why wouldn’t we want to go get them? I don’t understand? Someone explain this to me. What end does it serve to keep this secret? I really don’t get it. Big Dog, please explain this to me.

  19. Big Dog says:

    Patsy, according to the book, many were anxious to resume normal relations with NVN. John Kerry had stated this as a goal after “putting the POW issue behind us.” A relative of his had positioned himself to be a business in NVN when we resumed normal relations.

    I believe that the government was embarrassed by the defeat and the left did not want the specter of our folks being held inciting people to another cry for war.

    There is ample evidence in the book. Is it a conspiracy theory? I don’t know but there is compelling evidence that squares with reality. Meetings that happened, TV interviews, reports from the VN who came here. It is too much to ignore but it looks like ignore they did.

    The thing that bothers me is that we had so many missing who were never accounted for with either remains or wreckage that no remains would have survived (sure there were a few but not enough to account for all the missing).

    Do we trust NVN? Do we trust the people in government? I can only go by what is presented because I was not there and the author was.

    Read about Ross Perot and how he was involved (trying to actually get the POWs back). That is not made up.

  20. Patsy says:

    I know all about Ross Perot and his feud with the Bush family, having spent 23 years in Texas. I admire Mr. Perot, but I think his ego got in the way of his judgment. Maybe I am completely naive, honestly I don’t even want to believe our government did this to our military men, but truly I don’t think they did do it, Big Dog. It serves no purpose and it goes against every principle our military lives by. Never leave a man behind. I cannot believe we did this. Maybe I am being stubborn, but I just don’t believe this.

  21. Big Dog says:

    Why do you think the never leave a man behind is so strong in our military today? It serves no purpose to those of us with honor but to those with other motives, soldiers are easily written off. The Democrats controlled Congress and they cut off all the funding for the war.

    They did not want a backlash by revealing that the NVN had kept people despite its claims to the contrary. Unfortunately, there were many Republicans involved in this.

    I hate to think it is true but where were they? Why were they not home? There are a lot of VN vets who can tell you what they think about the situation…

    The reason Perot ran was because of the way G HW Bush treated him during this. It was his revenge.

  22. Patsy says:

    Yes, but there was also that business with Perot’s employees trapped in Iran after the Shah was deposed by the Ayatollah Khomeini. There was talk in Texas that George H. W. Bush was not helpful with the rescue and the Perot vendetta had to do with that. Perot didn’t want Bush to be President at all, but was powerless to stop his first term. Thre’s a whole lot more to the enmity Perot directs toward the Bushes.

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  34. A J Parmalee says:

    You hit it on the head, Big Dog. “Millions for defense, not one cent for tribute” still holds true. I for one, and I am sure there are millions of us, by the way, am fed up with the pacifists, the pussy politicians, the traitors who infest Congress, and weak-kneed scumbag MSM types.


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  37. Right Truth says:

    Right Truth Book Club now reading The Opaque Murders…

    The Right Truth Book Club is now reading The Opaque Murders by R. J. Godlewski. This book is a little different for the Book Club, as it has nothing to do with today’s kind of terrorism. However, readers of Right…

  38. Schatz says:

    I agree with AJ – hate them wimpy politicians. We’re America damn it, take and stand and mean it.

    Also, I have not read the book mentioned but I do know from other readings that the US Government still conducts (and pays extensively for) searches and digs in the areas of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos trying to find and identify remains of soldiers still unaccounted for. Some of these expeditions are specifically concentrated in areas where POW camps were known to have existed. If there were not any POWs left behind, this would not be necessary and I believe it gives rise to a whole lot more questions. Just MHO.

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  40. Virginia says:

    I agree with you, really not much difference in Muslims and Hillary, except skin tone.

  41. Humble says:

    Its just sad to see bunch of idiots spilling out hatred for muslims and calling them bigots instead. The truth is there are good and bad people in every nation and religion but you dont associate them with the whole group.
    Religion is one of the most ancient practice of mankind and the one that has divided and killed countless humans all over the history. Rebuking each others religion brings out nothing but hatred and is a misuse of freedom of speech. Learn to respect each others beliefs and we can live together in peace.
    Yes it is coward to strap bomb and blow up innocent people. Equally coward is firing cruise missile from hundreds of miles away, killing innocent people and calling it collateral damage.

  42. JS says:

    I totally agree with McCain. Were at war with Muslim countries why would we put one in the White House. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  43. JoAnne says:

    no to muslim president!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just say No