No More Help For New Orleans!!!

I wrote about Ray Nagin and the stupidity that comes from his mouth. Now he has the audacity to say the country needs to step forward in a bigger way. This is still ticking me off because after everything that the country has done for New Orleans it is not enough for the welfare Mayor, especially when you consider all his failings that contributed to the mess. So I am hereby requesting that anyone who reads this:


I thought it was a great idea to help out and I have sent money, clothing, and other goods. I supported the big push for books to be sent to the NO library system. Now I will never send another cent to NO and I will not donate to anything that goes to NO. If I had the ability I would hire a lawyer to sue the government for spending my tax dollars to help NO when that is not part of the Constitutional function of government. I am also asking that everyone else stop sending money to this ungrateful jackass and his crap hole city. Send your donations and money to people who have been hurt by tornadoes and lost their homes. I know they will appreciate it.

Ray Nagin has a lot of nerve. We need to step forward in a bigger way. How much bigger can you get than millions of dollars donated, national guard from many states deployed to the area, volunteers going to NO to assist in rescue and recovery, millions of dollars in supplies from business, food and water for people, and thousands of people given shelter in homes around the country, and BILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS. This is not enough for welfare Ray who wants us to send every available resource to fix his crappy little city as if it were the most important real estate in the country. He was probably pandering to Howard Dean and the rest of the idiots in the DNC to help their cause. Well it is time to show welfare Ray that there are consequences to his acts and words. Stop giving anything to NO. If you have a banner on your blog, remove it.

Welfare Ray and the city of New Orleans do not deserve the generosity of the American people. There was an old saying about biting the hand that feeds you, well Ray Nagin has bitten that hand.

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