No Mas

Debra Saunders from has a great piece about the unintended consequences of the May Day ILLEGAL alien protest. Here are a few little snippets:

When I read Mexican American Political Association flyers for the May 1 event that demand “immediate legalization without conditions,” that tells me activists don’t want the earned citizenship in the Senate Judiciary Committee immigration bill, because it requires would-be citizens to learn English, attend civics classes, pay a fine and back taxes, and pass a criminal background check.
Even Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer has told demonstrators that while she supports their right to boycott, the demonstrators have made their point, and now it’s time to cool it.

They want to be legal with no conditions. If any dumb ass in Congress allows that then the Mexicans will have retaken the South without firing a shot (though they seem to have done that whether they are legal or not).

And someone tell Boxer that ILLEGALS don’t have rights in this country. They are lawbreakers and should be at home (their country of origin) or in jail.

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