No Longer on the Porch

As a newbie to the world of blogging, I’d like to introduce myself as Surfside. With much recent discussion about blogging and it’s efficacy, I have concluded that it is a natural extension of what our Founding Fathers encouraged: free exchange of opinions, ideas & information. I am excited to become a part of the evolution.

What can you expect from me? If I had to describe myself, it would be as a conservative-leaning Independent. While Big Dog and I subscribe to many of the same viewpoints, he actually called me a “tree hugger” during one of our conversations. (Apparently, that’s bad.) He said he was joking, but . . . . So, you may be seeing a bit of diversity here at Big Dog’s Weblog. Please comment upon anything that moves you. While I may not embrace your comments, I certainly appreciate a cogent argument. You may even convince me to change my mind. After all, what good is open debate if no one bothers to seriously consider another’s opinion?

Let me give a hearty “Thanks” to Big Dog for allowing me some space on his soap box. Hopefully, he won’t regret his magnanimous decision. Now I get to play in the yard, instead of sitting on the porch with the puppies.

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One Response to “No Longer on the Porch”

  1. Big Dog says:

    Great post SS. Welcome aboard.