No Hindsight Needed to Know About Hillary

Hillary Clinton is running for the presidency and she is out playing the field and trying to appear like everything to everybody. She has tried to appear moderate, and at times she has swung back to the left in order to placate her base. She is a master of disguises and Bill has taught her well with regard to the art of giving a non-answer, answer. She must get the questions when they are drafted so she can think of answers before the interview. It appears Bill is not the only one adept at dodging a draft. Hillary was asked about her vote for the war in Iraq. Here is that part of the chameleons interview:

As Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to assess a possible presidential candidacy and the contours of a Democratic nomination fight, she has taken another step away from her 2002 vote authorizing President Bush to attack Iraq by saying that she “wouldn’t have voted that way” if she knew everything she knows now.

Clinton has often been asked if she regrets her vote authorizing military action and she usually answers that question with an artful dodge, saying that she accepts responsibility for the vote and suggesting that if the Senate had all the information it has today (no WMD, troubled post-war military planning, etc. . .), there would never have been a vote on the Senate floor. (my emphasis) ABC News

Isn’t that convenient? Hillary said that if she knew then what she knows now she would not have voted for the war. That is a profound statement and one worthy of examination because that is what my mother used to say when I was growing up. She often stated that she wished she knew then (when she was younger) what she knows now. God rest her soul, my mother was ahead of her time and way ahead of Hillary. You see, everyone wishes they knew then what they know now. But let’s explore this concept further.

  • I wish I knew at the beginning of last football season what I know now so I could have bet (at the beginning of the season) on the Steelers to win it all so I could have made a fortune.
  • I bet NASA wishes it knew then what it knows now so they would not have launched the two shuttles that disintegrated and killed a bunch of astronauts
  • I bet the Japanese wish they had known then what they know now so they would have surrendered before we dropped the bombs or maybe they would have decided against Pearl Harbor in the first place
  • I bet Bill Clinton wishes he knew then what he knows now so he would not have left evidence on the blue dress
  • I bet Hillary wishes she knew then what she knows now about the affair, oh wait, she did
  • I bet the Kennedys wish they knew then what they know now so Bobby would not have been in the hotel and JFK would not have been in Dallas
  • Mary Jo’s family wishes they knew then what they know now so they would not have let their daughter ride with Ted Kennedy

Gee Hillary, this is a rather convenient way of doing things. I wish I had the tid bits along the way so that I would have won money on all those horse races. Hell, I would win the lottery every week if I only knew then what I know now.

When is America going to wake up and see this no good, scheming, conniving, wench for what she really is. How many open displays of manipulation and outright lies does this country need to see that this woman should never, ever be allowed near the White House, in any capacity.

Trust me when I say this; if America foolishly elects this woman to the presidency then after she leaves office we will collectively be saying, “If we knew then what we know now.” The problem is, we do know it. Wake up America.

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8 Responses to “No Hindsight Needed to Know About Hillary”

  1. GM Roper says:

    Woof, Woof, Arf!!!

    Or should that be: Arf, Arf, Woof?

    Either way, TERRIFIC post sir!

  2. Big Dog says:

    Thanks GM, I bet there are a few things you wish you knew then…..

    If this woman (and I use that term loosely) is not a real waste of flesh I do not know who is.

  3. Webloggin says:

    Yeah Right…

    The next two years are going to be hard to stomach. I am not sure which hopeful is going to get more fluff, Obama the saint who walks on water, or Hillary, the one who is parting it in his wake? Either way my gag reflex will be working overtime


  4. TexasFred says:

    Dog, you really need to consider taking up blogging as a serious hobby, you’re pretty good at this, if you just had some publicity..

    GM knows a good PR man.. :)

  5. Raven says:

    Shillary is not going to get what she wants. People like her but not enough…and not too many trust her with leading anything.

  6. Big Dog says:

    Fred, My pictures are up at all the Post Offices, how much more publicity do I need………

  7. Virginia says:

    BD, you never cease to make my day. As usual, always so exactly right.

  8. Big Dog says:

    Thanks Virginia. It makes my day when people stop by and take the time to comment. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment here.

    Hillary, what a piece of …. work, yeah that’s the word.