No Hablas No Problem

To a rational person it only makes sense to require workers to speak the native tongue of the country in which they work. This is not to say that people who do temporary work in other countries should have to learn the native language, that is what interpreters are for. However, when a person moves into a country and decides that he will live and work there then that person has an obligation to learn the language of the country in which he lives. If anyone does not want to learn the language then no employer should be required to hire that person. That is, unless you are an employer in the United States and your elected leaders pander to groups of people, many of whom are here ILLEGALLY, that vote overwhelmingly for a particular party.

Nancy Pelosi has threatened to block an amendment to a bill that would protect employers from lawsuits if they refused to hire someone who does not speak English. This all came about because some Hispanic Democrats threatened to vote against a patch that would fix the Alternative Minimum Tax for a year, a move that would prevent millions of wage earners from being taxed as if they were millionaires. In other words, the Hispanic Democrats are willing to hurt wage earners in favor of helping people who pay little in taxes, would probably never be affected by the AMT and who refuse to learn English. I thought that members of Congress represented this country and not people who, in large part, do not belong here. The main antagonist is Representative Charles Gonzalez of Texas, a man who probably swan across the Rio to get here. Gonzalez said “If it is not relevant [speaking English on the job], it is discriminatory, it is gratuitous, it is a subterfuge to discriminate against people based on national origin.”

Just how is this discriminatory and who gave Congress the right to tell a private employer what qualifications he is allowed to set for employees? I understand that they may legislate against discrimination for race, creed, age and a number of other things but if an employer requires English then it is none of Congresses’ business. The fact that the Hispanics would screw the rest of the country in order to force Employers to bow down to the wishes of non English speaking people is wrong.

How did these people get the job? If the employer does not speak Spanish (or any other language) is he required to get an interpreter so he can communicate? Should we force the employer to learn a new language or should we force the person who wants the job to learn a new one? It seems like an easy choice to me but to Pelosi and her amigos in the Congress it is not as obvious. Someone should tell Gonzalez to take his sorry rear back across the Rio and run for office there since he is more concerned with that way of life than the American way.

I have lived in or visited several foreign countries and I made the effort to learn enough of the language to communicate my needs. I did not expect them to learn my language because that would not be appropriate. I would not expect them to hire me for a job there if I could not communicate with their customers. As for the issue of telling people they have to speak English to each other while on the job, the issue of free speech does not apply. An employer in private industry may tell employees what they are and are not allowed to discuss and in what language they must do it.

It is important to remember that the employer is the boss and may set job requirements including dress codes, uniforms, hair styles, body piercings, tattoos and LANGUAGE. The Congress has no business getting involved and they certainly do not belong holding up legislation in an effort to blackmail other members of Congress, especially legislation that is designed to keep people from paying taxes they were never meant to pay.

I wonder if Gonzalez would support me if I went to a Spanish speaking establishment (whose customers all spoke Spanish) and I was refused a job because I do not speak that language?

The Democrats have been an absolute failure as the majority and Nancy Pelosi is no leader at all. She cannot even whip a bunch of malcontents from the Hispanic group into shape. If she knew what she was doing this would not be an issue but then again…

If she knew what she was doing she would be a Republican.

I wonder what Ron Paul would do if he was running the place?

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One Response to “No Hablas No Problem”

  1. irtexas44 says:


    Don’t forget Pelosi is hispanic. So it’s not hard to figure out were her loyalties are. I agree If they want to work here they have to learn the language. But it seems what WE the peons here don’t seem to matter.

    Remember the man in Miami either early this year or late last year that had a store and had been there for 7 years and the city made him close his store and he lost his business because he didn’t speak Spanish and didn’t have all kind of sighs up. Last year one of the formen on one of the professional fire fighters teams fighting the CA fires, he had been with the service something like 24 years and he was fired because one of the guy’s on his team that didn’t speak English and he didn’t understand Spanish. So they didn’t put the guy on a team with a TL that spoke Spanish they fired the TL and replaced him with some one that understood Spanish, for one guy. There were some teams with other Spanish people move this hispanic guy there. No this poor TL there for all that time got fired. The PC stupidity is just running wild.

    Is the case you are talking about the 2 guys that worked for the Salvation Army that refused to learn to speak English? They were given a year to learn. They refused. I don’t see the problem there either. I think it is total farce with the dimwits. But in Pelosi Land they are all walking, talking jokes anyway. they are the only ones that take themselves seriously. I find it hard to believe that only about 8 people in the state are sane.

    Did you hear Calderone’s gripes today? He is tired of us complaining about his people and is producing some commericals to show us how much his people contribute to this country????? Gee, I wonder how his commericals on how much “his people are costing us in welfare, prisons, how many people they kill or rape.” These commericals should be interesting.

    Mean while the government is going to deport 2 people that have been here for 25 years, 4 kids all born here and came here the right way and are all very educated and contribute to their community. But the government screwed up years ago and now these poor souls have to pay for it. That’s our money at work. Sad.