No Gratitude For Rescue

As many people are now aware, a multinational task force rescued the Christian workers who were being held captive by terrorists. The three people rescued were part of a four person group that was taken hostage late last year. One of the four, Tom Fox, was killed by his captors and his body dumped in Baghdad. There is a press release from the organization that does not even contain a word of gratitude for the military forces that freed them. As a matter of fact, if we were not aware that they had been rescued, we might believe they had been released by the thugs who took them captive:

“Our hearts are filled with joy today as we heard that Harmeet Singh Sooden, Jim Loney and Norman Kember have been safely released in Baghdad. Christian Peacemaker Teams rejoices with their families and friends at the expectation of their return to their loved ones and community.

Excuse me but released would mean that the people who took them captive took action to let them go. This is simply not the case because a multinational military force rescued them. The ungrateful organization even insulted the people who captured them by saying that they were taking part in an illegal occupation and war.

These are the kind of degenerates that the military puts its lives on the line for. These people were not Americans, the only American was Fox and he was killed. Yet, the military went in, conducted an operation and rescued them so they could go home and be ungrateful. The group even blamed the military for their capture!

Currently, the military is conducting operations to free other idiots who were where they did not belong. The military members are in harm’s way to save people who should have stayed the hell home where they belonged. Of course, one can not expect blind liberalism to make sense. These people had some false idea that if they went over there as peaceful people and showed they meant no harm they would be left alone. I would hope they realize that the terrorists do not care about that stuff and will harm anyone. Unfortunately, their words show they are too stupid to realize this and they rationalize by blaming their saviours for their own woes.

I want them to lie awake at night with visions of beheadings in their brains. I want them to see that horror every time they close their eyes. And I want them to remember that the only reason the nightmare is not a reality is because of the actions of brave men and women who risked their lives to save them.

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One Response to “No Gratitude For Rescue”

  1. John K. says:

    I think it’s wrong to question anyone’s faith, that is between them and God. That being said, I’ll just say that these IDIOTS and their perception of Christianity is very different from mine and my faith. And their thankless attitude towards those that risked their own lives to free them is absolutely asinine (with a few other choice words coming to mind). If they really truly believe what they are saying, they should go back over there and try to broker peace one more time. And this time, with signs that read “no U.S. military intervention on our behalf please.” I’m just sayin’…