No Filibuster, Vote For It Anyway

Yesterday it was reported that Senator John Kerry was pushing for a filibuster of Samuel Alito. Kerry, backed by Teddy the boozer Kennedy, has been making calls from Switzerland trying to get support. Today, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid announced that there were not enough votes to support a filibuster and that Alito would get bipartisan support in being confirmed. I guess to Harry 4 or 5 Democrats voting in favor constitutes bipartisan. The incredible thing is that even though there are not enough votes for a filibuster, Reid will vote in favor of that motion on Monday.

This move is to allow people to express their opposition to the nomination. I guess Reid did not watch the confirmation hearings because there was enough opposition from the “fair and open minded” Democrats to spill over to a dozen nominees. The whole country already knows that a majority of the Democrats are opposed to the nomination because the Senators have been telling them for several months. These Senators seem to have read another mystical part of the Constitution that says the nominee has to have the same political philosophy and make-up of the person being replaced. The sad thing is that these Senators represent people in states and many of those people support the nomination. If they polled their constituents and found that a majority of them support Alito then they should vote for Alito regardless of what their personal feelings are.

Unfortunately, we have moved away from a representative government where elected representatives convey the will of the people to a system where individuals who are elected to office look out for their own interests and views. All of the opposition groups spending millions of dollars are not who the politicians were elected to represent but that is who has their ears. The members of the Senate need to take their heads out of their collective rears and vote for the will of the people. Instead, we continue to have a game of partisan politics where the Democratic party acts like children who did not get their way.

The good thing is there will be no filibuster (though it would have been fun to watch) and the bad thing for the donks is that they are once again showing their true colors.

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