No Fiesta for UAW

Ford Motor Company announced that it is building a global car, a car that is fuel efficient, easily made and can be marketed anywhere in the world and that it is going to produce them in Mexico. Ford will begin making the Fiesta in Mexico and this will create nearly 30,000 jobs (no indication if they are all in Mexico). The United Auto Workers Union is very upset with Ford because the union wanted the company to invest in American plants and make the car here. The problem is, if Ford wants to make an inexpensive car they cannot have the union involved.

The major American auto manufacturers have real financial problems and those problems keep getting worse. The unions have been one of the reasons for some of the financial problems for years. Union rules about who can work where and do what, pay demands, benefit demands, and any number of other things have driven costs up and profits down. There are union workers who get paid to do nothing when there is a slow down all because of some union rule. Ford decided to go to Mexico where it would not have to worry about union costs. The irony is, Ford went to Mexico to get workers to do jobs Americans were willing to do. Another irony is they will be making the Fiesta in Mexico…

Ford might actually be thinking of other cost savings as well. About 10% of the Mexican population already lives in the US. Maybe some of them will go back home to get a job making cars. But, the big issue is that instead of trucking the cars north Ford can just let illegals drive them on in. They can pick up some extra cash dropping cars off in America and then they can just stay here. This will save us a lot of money because there will be no need for the fence that they are not going to build anyway. If we don’t have to worry about illegals crossing the desert on foot we can save millions of dollars not building a fence.

Ford is another company that sent jobs out of the country (ooh and on Bush’s watch) but what choice do they have? With all the global warming fanaticism and the government regulations as well as the burden of the union the company would never make money. By making cars in Mexico they are able to skirt some of the burdensome rules imposed on comanies doing business here.

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3 Responses to “No Fiesta for UAW”

  1. Buffoon says:

    The unions are 100% democrat, the socialist democrats are the reason industry is less profitable on our soil. Therefore, the sole reason all of its going elsewhere.

    How can the left not see it?

    Buffoons last blog post..DEFINATELY NOT LIBERALS

  2. Schatzee says:

    The left is all about paying people to do nothing. Isn’t that the whole point of welfare (and being a presidential candidate)?

  3. Scott says:

    Unions as they now exist have outlived their usefulness and are now a blight and burden upon both the workers and companies.

    They pretty much exist only to enrich the union officials while the rank and file member gets stiffed, at least that has been my experience with the two union job I’ve worked in my life time.

    Unions could be a good and positive thing, however the thing that spoils them is greed. Greed on both sides of the fence, from the union and the company.

    Most companies grossly overpay their executives and upper levels of management and often they aren’t any good for the company. I think it was Merrill Lynch that laid off 4000 employees a little while back due to the sub-prime loan fiasco. Now those employees who are losing their jobs weren’t the ones who made/adopted the policies that caused the company to take a loss it was the upper management & executives. Yet the executives didn’t take a pay cut, lose perks or benefits, it was the 4000 working stiffs with families, a house payment, and a car payment who bore the brunt of their bad decision making that was based upon sheer greed. That to me is wrong.