No Background Checks On NLRB Appointees

It is bad enough that Barack Obama violated the Constitution when he made what he calls recess appointments when the Senate was not in recess but two of the appointments he made never made it through the vetting process and the Senate never had a chance to advise and consent. As such, Sharon Block and Richard Griffin were sent up after the Senate had adjourned (but did not go into official recess) and they do not appear on the list of Obama nominations.

These two did not have background checks, security checks and were not checked to ensure they paid their income taxes (a common problem among Obama appointees). None of this mattered to the Dictator of Amerika, King Barack Hussein, who appointed them anyway.

It is tragic that he violated the Constitution though it is not surprising. It is just as bad that he never gave the Senate time to even put these nominees through the proper vetting process.

King Hussein said he appointed folks because he knew Republicans would obstruct. It was, preemptive. So he has now embraced the Bush doctrine of preemptive strikes.

The Senate was not in recess and has had a pro forma session every three days. That appears to be consistent with Senate rules (and the Constitution says the Senate makes its own rules for how it is run) so Obama usurped the authority of Congress.

None of these appointments came up while the Senate was in recess and only one has been submitted for proper review. The Senate has not yet acted on these nominations so Obama decided he would take matters into his own hands, violate the Constitution, tick off a lot of people and do what he wants, rules be damned.

I hope he does not expect much cooperation when things ramp back up. He wants a trillion more added to the debt ceiling and he will want to make more nominations.

Republicans need to step up to the plate. Take Obama to court over this and get a ruling. If it goes in our favor then great. If not then you guys need to filibuster every motion to adjourn or motion to recess from now on. Keep everyone in DC and Obama will not be able to do an end run.

Until we take the King off his throne we need to use all the tricks.

We can start by not providing for a salary to anyone who gets a recess appointment and then proceed to not providing funds for their agencies.

The power of the purse will derail a dictator every time.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “No Background Checks On NLRB Appointees”

  1. Blake says:

    What we need is to have lawmakers who actually possess a spine- we need more Tea Party people, so we can at least run kinglet BHO out of town on a rail, literally-