No ANWR, No Problem

There was a real chance that the government would pass legislation to allow us to drill for oil in the ANWR. Things were going along nicely until the House Republicans lost their spines and pulled that part out. Unfortunately, they feel that this is a political hot button and they do not want to catch heat by being portrayed as big oil supporters. Hell, most of them and I mean Democrats and Republicans own oil stock so why act like they are not thrilled with the prospect of more oil. Be that as it may, it really does not matter. Here is what I expect now that they have backed off ANWR.

To the Congress:
Leave the oil executives alone. They are in business and are entitled to turn a profit. Do not ask them to give anything back and do not punish them with more taxes. You guys did not bring Time Warner in and question them about their 80% profits. You did not ask them to give back a little something so people could go to the movies half-price. You have not threatened them with more taxes so just shut up and leave the oil companies alone.

To the American Public:
Quit complaining about the price you pay for gasoline, natural gas, and heating oil. You want it both ways in lower prices for oil without actually going anywhere to get the oil. Drive less, wear extra clothes and go exercise if you feel the need to keep warm. I don’t want to hear any whiny BS about gas prices because you are not willing to allow drilling for the oil we need to make it. You can’t have it both ways so suck it up and drive on. I also do not want to hear any whining about price gouging. Oil companies have the right to charge what they want for their product. You are free not to use it. Walking is a good option and will help you live longer. If you want to cry about gouging cry about the taxes you pay on top of the price of oil. The government gouges you for about 19 cents a gallon and your state piles on with more (Maryland is about 23 cents a gallon).

People need to start recognizing solutions to problems and work to achieve those solutions. Until the time they are ready to accept that oil is for our consumption and that you have to drill in places to get it, we will pay higher prices for the fuel we use. People who are not willing to drill for oil do not have the right to complain about the cost of the products made from oil. They need to sit down and remain quiet because I am tired of hearing them whine.

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