Newspapers Do Not Live Up To What They Expect

I know that syndicated columnists do not work for particular newspapers but that does not mean they do not have the right to say what they want in their columns. Unfortunately, newspapers that cry about freedom of the press and the right to free speech often limit that for those with whom they disagree. Case in point, Ann Coulter:

The latest installments in the magazine’s jihad against Coulter includes a story that Georgia’s Augusta Chronicle has become the second newspaper to drop Coulter’s nationally syndicated column. The magazine said Coulter’s “stridency” has crossed the line. NewsMax email

Now I can understand that some people are upset with what Coulter wrote and said but does that mean she did not have the right to say it? Newspapers do not drop their reporters who write inflammatory items. There was a reporter that wrote a vile piece about not supporting the troops, and reporters regularly write terrible things about President Bush. If every reporter that wrote something bad about President Bush were fired, there would not be enough of them left to put out a newsletter. Yet, they continue to write and they are defended by the papers because they have a First Amendment right.

Ann Coulter has that same right. Papers have a right to drop columns but they should have a reason better than what was written upset them or their readers. If Coulter told lies or wrote deliberately deceitful stuff then they would have a case but because she called a few yentas names, she has her column dropped. Interestingly, the same groups of people in the media that defend the New York Times’ right to disclose national secrets deny Coulter the right to speak her mind. The columns are, after all, OPINION pieces.

The most recent paper to drop her column claims to be a conservative newspaper. Perhaps the conservative readers of that paper should consider buying another publication. In other words, drop them for dropping the column. I will admit that I read Coulter on the web so it will not affect me (that and I do not live in Georgia) but that does not mean that people can not express their opinion with their wallets. Stop buying the paper.

It seems to me that with the large numbers of papers losing money and readers that they would be doing anything to keep writers who draw readers. Controversial or not, Coulter draws a crowd.

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