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I am getting ready to watch my Ravens play football. I thought I would get a few news items on the blog before I vegetate in front of the game.

The New York Times is reporting that Bush has a Higher IQ than does Kerry. Well, they did not exactly put it that way. They said:

To Bush-bashers, it may be the most infuriating revelation yet from the military records of the two presidential candidates: the young George W. Bush probably had a higher I.Q. than did the young John Kerry.

You will notice that the Times put their own spin on it to soften the blow. They say Bush probably HAD a higher IQ. Well, someone should tell the NYT that IQ is generally not something that changes over time. Of course, like ABC, NBC, and SeeBS, they are in Kerry’s back pocket and they can’t bare it that their elitist Perrier drinking, snob does not have as high an IQ as the president, who they always refer to as dumb.

Well, I have always felt Kerry was not bright. I felt he was crafty. How could a person go to Vietnam, get a chest full of medals in 4 months, come home and protest causing more harm to our fighter and POW’s, run for and win public office and not accomplish anything in 20 years and think he would get this past the public. These items have been addressed but Kerry spins everything to his advantage with innuendo and lies. He has not released all his military records. He said he did but the Navy says he did not. I wonder just what he is hiding? How about the young LT(jg) got a sexually transmitted disease while in the Nam? How about he had a less than honorable discharge because of his anti-war activities after he came home? I do not know if these are true but these would be the kinds of things a man aspiring to be president would want kept hidden. Well, maybe not the STD part. Most Kerry supporters are the Clintonites and the hippies of the 60’s who believed in free love and all that. They probably look at a good case of the clap as a battle wound. Perhaps this explains the Purple Hearts?

Terry McAuliffe (DNC) and Ed Gillespie (RNC) were on meet the press today. They both claimed, as expected, their candidates would win decisively on election day and that we would know the winner that day. McAuliffe stated that we would know early. Perhaps he tipped his hand with regard to what was reported earlier. Kerry plans to claim victory early regardless of what the polls show. He will do this to keep republicans from going to the polls. This is an overt method of disenfranchising the Bush supporters. So remember what I have said all along.


The MSM and Kerry have plans to steal this election. The only way to keep that from happening is to win and win BIG. We can win big by going to the polls regardless of what they are doing in the news. I do not care if they say Bush or Kerry is up by 50 points get out and vote. Do not let Kerry laugh at the stupidity of people who left the polls only to hand him the victory.

We must stay the course and we will win. Kerry might be able to pull the wool over his supporter’s eyes. He might be able to spin yarns about his service and the time after. He might be able to fool some in to believing he actually does anything in the Senate, but by God he will not fool Bush supporters in to not voting.

Stay the course and fight the good fight and we will win.

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