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The Blame Game

Barry Barry bo arry banana fanna fo fairy, fee fi mo marry, Barry.

Every day is blame day in DC as Barack Obama finds someone or something to blame. Everything that happens that is bad is the fault of someone or something Barry chooses to assign blame to. George Bush is a favorite target of Obama who blames all that is bad on Bush even though the blame lies squarely on Obama’s shoulders.

Obama always takes credit when good things happen. To hear him you would think he was the one who killed Bin Laden.

Today Barry is blaming the “bad apple” insurance companies for people having their insurance cancelled. The linked article points out that fact checkers have ruled that Obama lied (they use the term not being truthful) about being able to keep your insurance if you like it. Obama claims that the terrible insurance plans offered by bad apple insurance companies are the culprits because they were too cheap and dastardly to offer the generous plans Obamacare requires.

Never mind that people put those plans together, liked them and could afford them. No, his majesty B. Hussein Obama has decreed that they are not sufficient to meet your needs and they must go.

But it isn’t his fault the companies cancelled you. It is the insurance company’s fault for offering substandard plans. It matters not to Obama what you like or what you want because you are too stupid to know what is good for you.

Pelosi Says No Deals If Your Taxes Being Raised Are Not Part Of The Deal

Nancy Pelosi has made it clear that House Democrats will not support any agreements to end the sequester that do not include new revenue. New revenue is political speak for taxes. Nancy Pelosi refuses to address the sequester cuts unless she gets to raise taxes. To Nancy, who said the cupboard is bare, we do not have a spending problem, we have a “revenue” problem. In other words the budget mess is not because government spends too much it is because it taxes too little.

Pelosi is a typical progressive in that she never met a tax she didn’t hike. Couple this with her refusal to make actual cuts in spending and you have the recipe for a disaster and that disaster is currently sitting at 17 TRILLION dollars.

The reality is we have plenty of money coming in and would have tons more if the 90 million people who have dropped out of the workforce were employed. Think about that for a moment. If the people counted in the 7.2% unemployment number plus the 90 or so million who have quit looking for work were employed we would have over 100 million people paying taxes which would increase the amount of money taken in quite a bit.

I think I agree with Pelosi in that we need a tax to make things work. My idea is vastly different than hers because she undoubtedly wants to tax the rich even more. I think Republicans can tell Nancy they will agree to a tax increase and then submit a plan that taxes the 47% of workers who pay no federal taxes. When Pelosi cries about fair share and all the other BS she spouts she can be reminded that paying nothing is not a fair share.

Hell now is a great time for Republicans to push a flat tax that everyone pays. Make the tax rate a flat 11% for each and every wage earner. We could eliminate most of the IRS and filing taxes would be so easy. Eliminate ALL deductions and charge people 11% of all income. Then eliminate the Social Security and Medicare taxes (11% of all income will pay for those programs) and include a provision that the rate cannot be raised unless 75% of Congress votes to do so and it must be raised for all wage earners. In other words, any tax decrease or increase must apply to all wage earners. That should stop them from raising taxes so willingly.

The last thing to do is include a provision that any tax money over the amount required to run government must go to pay the debt until the debt is eliminated.

It would be nice to include a provision for a balanced budget but it is unlikely that would have teeth without an Amendment to the Constitution.

Imagine how Pelosi would react if she is promised a tax increase and then that increase includes everyone.

Put it back on her. If the tax increase does not include all wage earners then there is no deal. Or in Obama parlance, no negotiations.

I guess being a terrorist holding people hostage with a gun to their heads is OK as long as it is a Democrat doing it.

Speaking Of Revenue And The Budget

More proof that we do not have a “revenue” problem but a spending problem is revealed in the latest news. The budget deficit in the US is at a 5 year low. The government took in 2.77 TRILLION dollars last fiscal year but it spent 3.45 TRILLION. So even with increased “revenue” government failed to cut spending.

The progressives will tell you that all the cuts that can be made have been made but this is a blatant lie. These people use baseline budgeting and have a number of programs that are on autopilot.

“We’ve made a lot of fiscal progress in the U.S. because of the sequester cuts, tax rates going back to historic norms and the economy improving,” said Bricklin Dwyer, an economist at BNP Paribas in New York. “Politicians have, thus far, avoided the most difficult choices — addressing unsustainable spending on entitlements such as Medicare and Medicaid.”

There are programs that are duplicated all over the government. In some cases there are dozens of agencies that do the same things. There are billions of dollars in waste and unnecessary spending that could be cleaned up to take care of the shortfall.

Until we make the government smaller and get adults running the show things will only get worse.

While a report like this lets the sane among us know the problem is our government spends too much, the progressives will say it indicates we need to tax more.

I agree. See the above item…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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  1. oilyryzer says:

    That’s why I call him “The Teflon Prevaricator”.

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    You are too kind- he’s a lyin’ piece of bovine fecal matter who needs to not be on this earth.
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