News Can’t Get It Right

The Minute men held a demonstration this past weekend. The demonstration was against ILLEGAL immigration but you would hardly know that. The MSM followed the kool-aid drinking Democratic marching orders and reported this as an ANTI-IMMIGRATION demonstration. This was probably to make the minutemen look like racists and to make the angry, violent ILLEGALS that interrupted the demonstrations look like civil people.

The headline at ABC 7:
“Officer Hurt, Several Arrested During Anti-Immigration Rally”

The article mentions anti-immigration several times. However, in the very top paragraph we learn that the demonstration is an anti ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT demonstration:

An officer was injured and six people were arrested during an anti-illegal immigration march involving the Minuteman Project and other groups Saturday evening in Hollywood, police said.

The Minutemen only want to stop ILLEGAL immigration but this is never how any opposition to ILLEGALS is depicted. Any politician immediately rants on calling protester pro-immigration and those in opposition anti-immigration. They ALWAYS leave out the word ILLEGAL because they know if they say these things enough the mind numbed drones in the world will begin to believe them. Soon all ILLEGALS will just be immigrants that people are being mean to. We will all be labeled racists.

Remember, whenever you hear the politicians or the ILLEGALS talking and they use the word immigration or immigrant just put the word ILLEGAL in front of it because that is who we are talking about.

Source: ABC7

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2 Responses to “News Can’t Get It Right”

  1. Jo says:

    I saw that news report and caught the same thing you did .. they mentioned illegals “once” then went on to pound out the liberal kook left’s line about hating “immigration”. Wonder if the editor will get fired for letting that one slip?

  2. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for the comment Jo,
    It will take a concerted effort on all our parts to point out the bias in the media, a bias the media insists does not exist.