New York Plan Shows Why NOT To Go There

Governor Cuomo of New York will launch an ad campaign in other states touting the benefits of locating businesses in the Empire State. Cuomo’s ads will air outside New York and feature the voice of actor Robert DeNiro telling folks that New York is on the rebound.

The first problem with this is that the state is using money from the federal disaster aid sent to help those who were impacted by Hurricane Sandy. That money is supposed to help those people restore their lives and rebuild their properties. While many are still without a home or power the governor is taking money meant to help them and using it to lure business to the state.

This seems like a criminal act and should be investigated. The money sent to the state came from taxpayers all over the country and was designated for use in helping victims of the hurricane. Using it for any other purpose is wrong. Why would any business want to relocate to a place that does this kind of thing?

The next issue is the environment in New York. New York is a high tax state. Many wealthy people and a number of businesses have left the state because of its high taxes. Why would a business want to move to New York when states like Florida and Texas offer more tax friendly environments?

It is also important to note that New York is not a state where freedom is honored or protected by the politicians in charge. New York City has a mayor who thinks he should dictate how much salt and trans fats a person can eat and what size sugary drink they can consume. The state has recently enacted restrictive and unconstitutional gun laws (on top of already restrictive and unconstitutional gun laws) that infringe upon the rights of law abiding citizens.

Why would any business want to go to New York knowing that the government there does not uphold the Constitution?

While it is true that some business owners might be anti gun and welcome that environment it is important to note that if the state is willing to ignore the Constitution with regard to gun rights then it will feel free to ignore other constitutionally protected rights. Once a business assumes all the costs involved in moving it will be held captive to a government that has no problem raising taxes and infringing on rights.

Businesses should consider tax friendly and freedom loving states instead of New York.

And Cuomo should be investigated for improper use of federal tax dollars.

Be wary business owners. The lure will be filled with honey but the result will be full of manure…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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