New York Mayor Above The Law?

It is not a stretch to say that most politicians consider themselves above the law. They either ignore the law or pass laws that exempt themselves so that they can do as they please while keeping the public under their collective thumbs.

New York’s new Mayor is no exception and he is probably an even better example because he is a Socialist and Socialist leaders live in luxury and in violation of the rule of law while the peasants live as they are told unless, of course, they want to face harsh penalties.

New York City voted for Bill de Blasio so they are getting what they deserve. I don’t really care if their trash does not get picked up or their snow does not get plowed because they are getting the incompetence they voted for. People get the government they deserve and if they voted for him they are getting just that, what they deserve.

De Blasio is upset at the number of traffic fatalities and he thinks they can be reduced to zero. He wants to lower the speed limit in many areas to 25 mph and increase fines for people who break traffic laws. Now most traffic laws are forms of taxation (or taxation by citation as I call it) so this is another scheme for New York to fleece people under the guise of protecting the people.

But De Blasio does not live under the same rules he wants for others. The day after he announced his new traffic safety initiative his vehicle was recorded breaking a number of traffic laws including speeding (greater than 15 mph over posted), failing to stop at stop signs and changing lanes without signaling.

The Mayor’s office referred the issue to the police because members of New York’s finest are his drivers. He has police officers driving and protecting him. Are mayors really that important that they need armed police officers to protect them? Hell, liberal politicians fight for gun control and they tell us that gun control makes us safer. Given New York’s tough gun laws one would think hizzoner would not need protection.

As an aside, I wonder if those vehicles with the protective detail had more than the lawful number of bullets in their pistol magazines and if they had any of those scary black guns that politicians say we don’t need.

I personally believe very few politicians should receive taxpayer provided protection. Governors and mayors and all the other local politicians should live like the rest of us.

The news article goes on to point out that officials assure us that the police officers receive special training in how to drive as part of a protective posture. I guess that means when they run a stop sign and kill your family they were trained to do so. Or perhaps when they are speeding through a neighborhood and splatter someone’s child all over they did so as trained professionals.

Flashback to trained NJ executive detail driver: “Fuentes said the governor’s executive protection unit is trained to move through traffic by increasing their speed and activating flashing lights when necessary. Trooper speeding revealed in Corzine crash. They were speeding to an important event. Don Imus meeting with the basketball team he insulted.

Your life and what you do matters little to these elitist pigs. If you or your child is killed because of their recklessness then it is a sacrifice that is worth it to advance the cause and ensure the elites live on to do their great work on behalf of you unworthy subjects.

How about they strip the protective detail and make De Blasio live under the same rule regarding firearms for protection the rest of New York must live under? How about they take away his vehicles (except for one) and require him to take the subway around New York so he can be at the level of the morons who put him in office.

Little will come of this because the people who voted for De Blasio have little knowledge of freedom or what Socialism is. They will think all is OK because hizzoner is an important man who can’t be bothered by silly things like the traffic laws.

At least not following them. He is quite interested in them when he can use them to fleece people of their hard earned money.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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