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Well folks, I am proud to introduce a new guest blogger to the Dog’s House. Timm from Timm’s Shovel has joined the team. Timm has a rapier wit and calls them the way he sees them. I recommend you visit his site to get an idea of the great work he does.

Anyone who read my earliest posts (if those 3 people are still alive) knows that I started blogging because of a jackass named Mike Hersch who basically edited my correspondence with him to make me look like an idiot (though some people would say I don’t need any help). I found that he had done this to many others so I decided that since he would not allow me to convey my own words then I would open my own forum (Hersch does not have comments. You email him and he posts them, edited to fit his agenda, of course).
Anyway, Timm has his own reason for getting into the web scene:

Welcome to the tiny mesh of the web that I have proclaimed mine. It is a total work in progress. I don’t like liberals or idiots, but both may remain as long as they promise diligence in their efforts to keep their fingers out of their nostrils.

So what led to this website? One word: Peter Jennings.

I was watching Peter Jennings drivel his anti-American slant on the news one night and out of pure unmitigated annoyance I remarked, “I’d like to beat him to death with a shovel!” It was just a joke and everyone in the room laughed; but the statement sort of stuck and jokingly became a catch phrase for my sentiment toward idiots.

So, there you have it! I don’t think that info will be making Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story” anytime soon, but you might want to file it away just the same. After all, trivia, by nature, is a bunch of stuff that you remember for no particular reason.

Anyway, I could overload this site with masked “I hate America” quotes from Pecker…excuse me, Peter…. but I won’t, I’ll just take one. One that makes me want to grab MY SHOVEL!

“…. the truth of the matter is there are parts of America which are just as bad as some of the worst parts in the rest of the world and that’s desperately sad.”
— ABC News anchor Peter Jennings, April 23 CBS Late Late Show with Tom Snyder
Entire story here

As you can see Timm does not like liberals or idiots, which is redundant, if you ask me.

In addition to his site I have seen Timm’s work at the Museum of Left Wing Lunacy and I subscribe to his newsletter.

Please welcome him aboard. I am sure you will enjoy his rants as much as I do and I know he will compliment the great work of Surfside who is the only reason people actually visit here anyway!

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One Response to “New Writer”

  1. Surfside says:

    On behalf of the silent majority, I say “Welcome,Timm — and bring on the shovel.” :devil_tb:

    (Big Dog will tell you that I do some of my best thinking at 3 a.m., so don’t let the TOD throw you.)