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I am very pleased tonight to have the opportunity to introduce a new writer here at the Dog’s House. REAL Teen is a 16 year old conservative from Ohio who has a real interest in politics and in advancing the conservative cause. He is bright and obviously very brave; both of his parents are Democrats.

REAL Teen is a trail blazer for today’s youth. He is a conservative at a time when liberalism and all its evils are spoon fed to America’s youth on PBS and in school. To stand out in the crowd and espouse conservative views in the already tough teenage climate takes quite a bit of courage and requires mental toughness. This is from an interview that he gave:

Q. The 2004 presidential election has been one of the most polarized elections in recent memory. Do you think that today people are more politicized than ever before?

I think that it all really started in the 1990s when the Republicans took control of Congress. When Newt Gingrich and other House Republicans succeeded with the Contract with America, Democrats truly felt that they had lost their power in America.

It was then when the liberals began taking over the party, and tried implementing socialist policies. It has gotten to the point where the left is so radical, that any educated American has no choice but oppose the liberal-run democrats, or give in to their socialist demands, which we cannot allow to happen.

Pretty astute for a guy who was around 1 at the time in question. It shows that he has read history and appreciates how things have progressed over the years.

So I hope you will all welcome REAL Teen to the site and I know you will enjoy reading his opinions, observations, and musings.

You can read the interview here and his bio here.

In addition, REAL Teen has his own site, Real Teen-Right on the Right and guest blogs at Conservative Spirit, Stop the ACLU Gribbit’s Word and Republican Voices.

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