New Tune: Cleaning Out Your Wallet

Eminem wrote a song about his life called Cleaning Out My Closet. I heard that song recently and it made me thing about the Democratic party and their fondness for tax increases. The words to the song didn’t but I was half paying attention and it sounded like he said “cleaning out your wallet.” Then I began to put some words together to that song and I came up with a first verse that describes the Democratic party. Eminem would hate this. He is a Bush basher…

Have you ever got your paycheck and its already spent? I have. I’ve even had trouble just paying my rent.
Liberal minds equal wicked times. Look at the signs. Sick is the mind of the liberal kind that robs us all blind
social promotion programs run deep as oceans explodin’. Tempers flarin’ from liberals can’t blow em off they keep goin’
Take it all exempt no one, tax us hard till we’re bleedin. They tax us in the mornin and again in the evening
Leave us with a taste as bad as Lewinsky’s mouth. See they will tax me, tax me till the money runs out.
Look at me now. I bet ya prolly sick of me now. ain’t ya ‘merica, I’ma make you look so ridiculous now

Not sorry America, I’m gonna have to fleece you, its prob’ly gonna make you cry, cause tonight, I’m cleaning out your wallet

It helps if you know the tune to the song. If you decide to listen to it somewhere use caution, it has vulgar words in it.

Feel free to add your own lines if you know the tune.

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