New Poll

In case you missed it there is a poll on the left sidebar (under the dog doing his bidniz on the Jackass). It is to nominate the Jackass of the Month. I will replace the picture of Durbin with the winner around the first of August. Right now Schumer and Ritter are tied with 37% of the vote.

Since I know there are democrats who visit this site there is a feature that allows you to only vote once from the same computer. I know it is not fool proof but it is also not a life or death poll so if somebody feels so strongly that they need to vote twice, go ahead. I am sure Adam will not demand a recount and ask all the donk groups to write to their congressmen about voting irregularities at the Dog’s house.

If you get a chance, send in your ideas for the next names on the poll. We need some good nominees for this distinction and from what I have seen there are certainly a lot of them out there.

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