New Meeting Place-BuzzJungle

There is a very new web site called the BuzzJungle where you can catch up on the latest news and read articles from blogs on both sides of the political aisle. This is from the About section of the site:

BuzzJungle is a website that hopes to combine information on the latest news from as wide a source as possible. Currently, we are hosting a single feed from, but we will be expanding that shortly to include other news sites. Likewise, our Blogs feature is similarly a single-source feed.

It is our intent to eventually move away from these feeds as the membership grows and users start submitting their own news, articles, and blog posts. We aspire to be a membership-driven site, in that you, the user, will provide the content.

There is a forum for registered members, and a chatroom to talk with all your friends. Each post will have comments (the feeds currently do not).

So, tell all your friends to come in and start posting! We want to prove that we don’t need the media anymore, we can make our OWN news!

This is a great place to submit articles for others to review and provide a little advertisement for your site. Membership is easy, painless, and free! Please consider joining BuzzJungle, I am sure you will enjoy the company.

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