New JOTM Poll

The new Jackass of the Month Poll is up and we have four strong candidates.

We have the race baiter Kanye West who feels that it is OK to go on TV and say the President does not care about black people and that the response is too slow because poor blacks need help. It is his right to make these false statements but considering he is an entertainer in a genre of music that portrays blacks as criminals and thugs and lowlifes and exploits them in the process he has little room to discuss how anyone else treat black people.

We also have Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco who panicked when the storm hit, refused help, refused to feed the victims, refused help again, and did not have a clue as to how to run an emergency. After she had everything so thoroughly screwed up she was able to blame everyone else for the troubles.

Also in the race is New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. Nagin runs a corrupt little city that has taken federal dollars meant to improve his city and used them for other things like gaming places. Nagin was nonchalant about the impending doom and really did not push to get people out of the city. He demanded 500 buses to transport people out, nice Greyhounds, yet he had a few hundred school buses sitting on a parking lot. He left them there and they got ruined and no one was taken to safety in them. He asked for buses though the plan he submitted said he had all the buses he needed. Nagin screamed for food and water and that the feds were not responding quickly enough despite the fact that there was plenty of food and water available but Blanco would not let it in. Nagin is the spokesman for the entitlement mentality.

The last is the Reverend Al Sharpton who sees race as an issue in everything he looks at. This race baiting poverty pimp defended West’s statements and pretty much said the whole issue was about race and that poor black people were not tended to because they were, well poor and black. I guess Sharpton is with the crowd that believes the federal government snaps its fingers and things appear at disaster sites. It does not take any time or anything. Sharpton called the whole thing the fault of the feds while ignoring all the failings of Nagin and Blanco. In true, I hate all republicans and everything is race fashion, he brought the whole process of race baiting to a new low.

I considered Sean Penn and all the democrats in Congress but these four are the best candidates. I take nominations so don’t hesitate to let me know who you would like to be a part of this great democratic process. The wonderful part is there are no hanging chads or voter disenfranchisement or any of those other things democrats like to do and then blame on republicans. And here, military votes will never be discounted and no last minute votes will turn up to steal an election. So vote (though we expect real elections to require photo ID, we do not require it here).

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3 Responses to “New JOTM Poll”

  1. Addena says:

    I was going to answer you but you’re too scary. I wonder if you really believe that the slow response to Katrina and helping the people had nothing to do with race or class.
    I guess you’ve always been “the big dog” and I bet that has nothing to do with race, or class or privilage. A
    Maybe It’s because I’m Canadian I don’t understand any of your rhetoric, beliefs, assumtions , etc.
    Are those the only 4 Jackass of the months people can vote for?

  2. Big Dog says:

    Addena, you mention a “slow” response but are you aware that our federal agencies have 72 hours AFTER the incident to be on the ground, regardless of skin color. Are you aware that the President offered help before the hurricane hit and it was refused by the governor of the state. Since you are from Canada perhaps you are unaware that our states have control over their territory and the federal government can not just walk in and do what they want.

    Are you aware that a black mayor did not follow the evacuation plan and use thew hundreds of buses that he had? Are you aware that the local and state government failed miserably? Do you even know how ridiculous it is to say the response was bad because of a person’s color? This is not true and anyone who believes that is, quite frankly, an idiot.

    Just to make it clear to you, when I grew up we had very little. I went to school and graduated and then I joined the Army. I made myself into what I am and what I have by working hard for it. Color, race, or privilege had nothing to do with it. In the Army everyone is green.

    These are the only people you can vote for this month but you are free to make a nomination for next month.

  3. boknows says:

    BIG DOG — Wow! This is going to be a tough month. All four of the candidates have more than ample credentials to qualify. And as you mentioned, I too can think of a gazillion more!

    I believe that my vote is going to be for Blanco. What an asshat! I would strongly have to consider relocating to another state if my governor, in light of a horrific disaster, (1) did nothing but play the partisan “you can’t tell me what to do” game; (2) cry — (WTF was that?); and, (3) mention not once, but twice, how “overwhelming” the situation was — (Uh, thanks Governor for your interpretation of the situation!). . .again, what a comlib asshat!

    If you would decide to have more than one Jackass of the Month, say. . .a junior Jackass of the Month, Nagin is at the top of that list! I would not waste one of my precious votes on an AL “I am a racist pimp” Sharpton, due to the fact that he is in perfect Al form. . .fanning the racist flames at every turn.

    In response to ADDENA — I would strongly suggest that people who make such ridiculous statements — whether they are Canadians, Americans, or purple people from people planets — educate themselves with regards to how our beautiful republic operates. If the feds could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, why would we bother ourselves with state and local governments? Our system works. . .as long as we don’t have incompetent dumba**es at the state and local levels.