New Idea To Convert Vegetarians

I know a lot of people who do not eat meat. Some of them choose not to for religious reasons, some for health reasons, and some for their moral views against hurting animals. I have no problem with vegetarians so long as they do not try to tell everyone else how to eat. You eat what you want and I eat what I want and we can be happy. The diet of the human should be well balanced and provide variety. There is nothing wrong with eating animal products in moderation. There is little difference between the health of a vegetarian and that of a meat eater if they both live active healthy lives, though the meat eater tends to get more needed protein.

I have an idea that might allow those who will not eat meat because it hurts animals. You know the type, they have pictures of dogs with fish hooks in their mouths asking why you would do that to a fish and not to your dog. Well how about we perform partial birth abortions on cows? We can wait until they are ready to deliver then stick a probe up there, cut the base of the skull, suck out its brains and then deliver it, slaughter it and cook it up. This would solve the problem of hurting poor animals and causing pain just so we selfish humans can eat.

We could expand this to other food animals and revive the meat industry while protecting the poor little creatures from pain. We have often heard the animal rights folks complain about hurting poor little creatures and how we should treat them like humans. Well, here is the chance. After all, those same folks have no problem with sucking a human baby’s brains out and killing it. It is reported by them not to be painful (though I personally disagree).

If it is good enough for humans then it is certainly good enough for animals. Fire up the grills America, we will have those vegetarians eating meat in no time.

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One Response to “New Idea To Convert Vegetarians”

  1. Adam Graham says:

    There’s a practical problem with this, in that fetal cows wouldn’t provide enough meat.

    I do have to say this. In general, with the exception of a few bad actors, animals get treated better and live better lives in captivity. Walter Williams once made the point that cows survived while buffalo neared extinction because it was privately owned.