New College Quiz

Here are a few questions I have written for a college quiz. I think they are clever and will test the knowledge of the students.

  1. Paco can make two tacos a minute when he is not looking for the INS. If Paco does not have to watch out for the INS, how many tacos can he make in an hour?
  2. Tyrone has an AK 47 and can fire 200 rounds a minute. If Tyrone has 600 rounds and fires non stop, how many minutes will pass before he is out of ammunition?
  3. Mohammad has a bomb vest with 40 pounds of plastic explosives in it. If Mo detonates the bomb in a crowd of innocent women and children, how many virgins will he receive in the after life?
  4. The government will pay $400 to an unwed mother if she has four children. If Shanika has no children and gets pregnant and after delivery gets pregnant one month later, how many months will it be before she can collect the government money?

Now that I have your attention, how many found those disgusting? How many recognized the ethnic groups involved and the stereotypes portrayed? If this was on a test at your college, how many would raise hell about it?

That is what some college students did when this question was presented on a test:

“Condoleezza holds a watermelon just over the edge of the roof of the 300-foot Federal Building, and tosses it up with a velocity of 20 feet per second…”

A college professor put this question in a test. The question use to have the name Gallagher for the comedian who smashed watermelons. I guess this teacher thought it would be cute to use the occasion to slander the Secretary of State. Here are the final test questions from my test:

  1. Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and why have they not condemned this attack on a black woman?
  2. True or False, a conservative teacher who wrote similar items about a liberal black would be fired.

At least some of the students were decent enough to bring this to the attention of the college administration.

Source: The Seattle Times

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2 Responses to “New College Quiz”

  1. Robert says:

    Jesse Jackson can’t show up he’s busy finding the mother of his children, they keep showing up all over the place. BTW after the DNC I hear Hilary got pregnant, could it be?

  2. Big Dog says:

    I can’t imagine who would even think of doing that….