New Black Panthers Are Racist Pigs

The New Black Panthers are a group of racists that are part of the Nation of Islam. They blame the Whites and Jews for all that is wrong in this world. Their leader is some guy named Hashim Nzinga who is referred to as minister. His attitude and his remarks show me that he is no minister in any respected religion. He is a racist and that is all there is to it. Not only is he a racist he is an uneducated racist with Ebonics for a language. It is obvious from the prattle coming from this jackass’ mouth that he is the product of sex between cousins.

Ms Underestimated has a post up about an exchange that took place between this racist and Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes on their Fox TV show. This guys was so offensive he even had Alan Colmes defending the President. This guy is anti Jew and during the election night confrontation (also reported by Ms Underestimated) he and his peeps used a lot of racial slurs like cracker and Uncle Tom and he blamed everything on the Jews. Make no mistake about it, the New Black Panthers are no different than the old ones. They are a bunch of racists who want to blame everything on white oppression. This is Cop Socker’s MO so they all fit right in.

For those who will try to tell me that he can not be a racist because he is a minority I tell you BS. This idea was some crap invented by black activists to justify their behavior. It is a convenient way for black militants to get away with behavior they claim to be victims of. I say it is a crock of crap and they are racists and if Nzinga and the rest of the race baiters don’t like it they can go piss up a rope.

These militant jackass racists run around in military looking attire like some drug lord or dictator in Africa (like Gaddafi Duck) and try to intimidate folks. I am not intimidated because this is America and we do not have to tolerate racist jackasses who think that they own the world or that the world owes them something. We do not have to tolerate people like Cop Socker who will not accept responsibility for her defeat. Want to bet it is partly because of her association with thugs like the New Black Panthers? How can a politician punch a cop and then associate with people like the NBP and expect to be elected or even taken seriously?

Cop Socker, if you play in the litter box you are going to get crapped on and sweetheart, it looks like you have a few pieces of crap from the NBP sticking to you.

Please go to Ms Underestimated’s site and read the post and view the video. This is a good time to post the words to my song Lady McKinney (sung to the tune of Lady Madonna by the Beatles). If you listened to my show Friday you heard this song played.

See how she ran

Cynthia McKinney, it’s so nice that you’ve been beat
I like the idea of you back on the street
Muslims gave you money some people got upset
but you didn’t care, took all you could get

Wednesday she arrives without lapel pin
security she tries to sneak around
but a cop would not just let her go in
with hair like a clown

Cynthia McKinney socked a cop right in his chest
wonder how you managed to escape arrest

Thursday news conference never ending
Friday it’s now about your race
Saturday and now your story’s bending
Jesse showed his face

Hey there cop socker, now you’re full of dread
when you hear the words “you lose” play in your head

see how she ran

Cynthia McKinney, it’s so nice that you’ve been beat
I like the idea of you back on the street

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One Response to “New Black Panthers Are Racist Pigs”

  1. Jo says:

    Thank you for saying this. I am sick and tired of people being told by the sick left that we are to cowtow to this racist pigs. Their doctrine of hate is meant to keep this country divided. They do not want to get along with anyone; and in my book, they are no better than the terrorists of 9/11.