New ABC Show Is Veiled Support For Hillary

It appears that ABC is getting into the presidential advertising business a few years early. They will be running a show called Commander in Chief which is about the first female US President. ABC is getting it out now to warm people up to the idea of a female president so they will be comfortable when Hillary runs in 2008. The left can tell you that the MSM is not biased but that is just more mindless prattle. If this is not a veiled attempt to soften Americans to a female president why does it star Actress Geena Davis, a Democrat political activist?

I have said before that I think America is ready for a female president. I do not think that the sex of people predisposes them to success or failure in most jobs. I have also stated that the first female needs to be a good one. If a woman gets in there and has any problems she will make it tougher for women to run in the future. People will point to the failings of the first female as reasons that women can not “handle” the job. Hillary will screw it up for the rest of American women. She will bring the baggage of her husband’s time in office as well as her corrupt ideas. I imagine that when she runs the real dirt will start to surface. The problem has always been that the Clintons have a lot of dirt but most people overlook it for one reason or another. They get a pass for what most other people would be crucified.

Anyway, in steps ABC with this show featuring a democrat political activist actress portraying the first female president. I am sure there will be a zillion crises on the show that she will handle without a problem. Her liberal values will be rammed down the throats of America to show us that the libs have it right and a liberal democratic activist woman can lead us into salvation. When the race in 2008 heats up in steps the grand dame Hillary and America will believe they are witnessing the second coming.

I think that we should not take her lightly but I also believe, as Surfside has pointed out, her sordid past will haunt her on the national stage.

Read the ABC show story here.

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One Response to “New ABC Show Is Veiled Support For Hillary”

  1. Surfside says:

    If West Wing is any indicator, the new show won’t do squat for Hillary — at least we can hope. I think it would be a safe bet that Davis doesn’t play a Republican female president.